Zzero Sufuri is a creative genius

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Every time I listen to a song by Zzero Sufuri, I can’t help but acknowledge his ingenuity. This chap is on his own level. His style is quite different from that of most new-age artists in that it really focuses on lyricism rather than random rhyming words.

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Most people came to know about him when he released Zimenishika and I’m sure they have been hooked to his music since then. In my opinion, he is the undisputed king of the new Kenyan sound or ghetto anthems if you like.

As you listen to his songs, you can tell that his music will outlive that of his peers because of his uniqueness. Although he is more of a dancehall artist, there’s also a small element of mumble rap in his music. Maybe, just maybe this is what sets him apart.

It’s very hard to come across people like Zzero Sufuri, especially now that youngins are booking studio time to record whatever vulgar words or rhymes that comes to their heads. As such, we should give this lad credit not only for being creative but for also choosing to be different.

Zzero Sufuri; Songwriter, Artist; chuki na doo
Zzero Sufuri

For many years to come, people will still be listening to his songs because although he sings about random things like smoking weed or getting a rich girlfriend, the thought process behind it is really impeccable. He is a creative genius.

The truth is most new-age artists are just popular because they had good beats, if you take it away you’ll realize that their music is hogwash. On the other hand, I am sure you would listen to Zzero’s songs even if they didn’t have a beat or an instrumental. That should tell you a lot.

Listen to Zimenishika below.

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