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¨I am a beautiful woman and I don´t need anyone´s validation! ¨Zari Hassan shouts

August 09, 2019 at 13:31
¨I am a beautiful woman and I don´t need anyone´s validation! ¨Zari Hassan shouts

Diamond´s ex, Zari Hassan assures the world that she is a combination of beauty and brains.

Speaking during a candid interview with Tanzania´s Ayo TV, the South-African based businesswoman shut off women who think they can match up her kind.

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The stunning beauty cites that women in the world of today are in plenty, there are many Zaris but the unique factor is that Zaris with brains are just countable.

Yes, they are physically beautiful but their inside is dark.

She discloses that men on the other hand have responded by being choosy of their kind of women. Not just any woman, but a quality woman.

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Zari explains that this is why more often than not, we meet a wealthy man with a wife who lacks physical beauty because only he knows her true worth.

Men are no longer looking for physical beauty, because that can easily be bought, rather what makes you who you are.

However, she affirms that she is a beautiful woman whether physically, in values, how she carries herself or kindness in the heart.

Therefore does not need anyone´s opinion to validate who she is, because as far as she knows, she stands out.

Unfortunately, when her interviewer alleged that bongo women look up to her and have similar traits as hers, her response was:

Sifatilii wadada wa Tanzania, wabongo.


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  2. If women didn’t get any validation from men,they would match in the streets,just look at the photos they post on social media.

  3. Yes, Bosslady, u are beautiful, rich, hv great excess kids, a millionnaire youthful lover/husband. U hv it all. But why do u sound soooo bitter, sooo lonely & alone. God has given u all. Why do u sound so bitter with Diamond!!? He’s just one of the many u hv had. Why cant u let him go considering that u hv moved on. Tk time and hv fun with ua almost half a dozen kids. This is the only time u cn enjoy motherhood with them. After 18yrs, u wl hv no say in their lives. They wl be busy with their things. U wl not even be ale to buy clothes for them cz they wl be having their own styles. So stop wasting ua time with the past and start living. From a concerned mother.

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