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¨It was hard to keep up¨ Vera Sidika on why she had to drop out of college for the fame and money

August 15, 2019 at 07:53
¨It was hard to keep up¨ Vera Sidika on why she had to drop out of college for the fame and money

Bootyful Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika dropped out of college to make easy money.

Her first major screen debut was about 6 years ago on the infamous P-Unit´s hit video song ´You Guy´ that later got banned for being too raunchy.

Vera was the main video vixen in the song, mainly why it got banned. This pushed her into business ventures and partly, now a singer.

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Weekend getaway ✈️

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Speaking to True Love Magazine´s latest edition, the now business woman shares:

It was banned because my a$$ was all over the TV and everyone was asking who I was.

At the time, she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at Kenyatta University.

Therefore, the minute the song went viral online, the vixen decided to grab the opportunity by posting raunchy photos that got the attention of masses who were eager to know more about her.

She proudly articulates:

I was the one who started this socialite thing; did sexy photo shoots, posted them on social media and got many more followers. I started getting gigs and it was hard to keep up. I jokingly started asking for money and before I knew it I was getting paid to party. If the Kardashians were doing it, why not me?

And with fame, came pressure and a myriad responsibilities both to keep the fame coming and to work on needed resources to achieve it. So, she quit University.

I ended up suspending it. I had to milk this opportunity dry. The way I see it, we go to school to earn good money. Here I was making it, so why not concentrate on that first? Besides elimu haiishi.

However, just 2 years ago, Vera cited that she wants to go back and complete her degree because despite it all, education always pays the best interests.


Further on, the sensual beauty dismissed rumors doing the rounds of her closing shop because her beauty parlor is not in good business.

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There’s no place like home …Home sweet home 💕

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She cites:

The salon is picking up really well. The rumors that I am closing shop are false. In fact, I want to expand and start a branch in Mombasa.

Vera additionally confirmed that she is madly in love with her Tanzanian doctor and musician, Jimmy Chansa.

Surprisingly, the lass disclosed she once dated a politician whose habits of ever tracking her car made her quit.

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🎶Baby girl you’re so major, they should front page ya! Cover girl for @truelove_ea 😍❤️ With so many misconceptions of me for the past few years @truelove_ea decided this is the perfect time to tell my story. It was amazing doing this exclusive interview for the August issue. I loved the entire experience & adventures in Maasai Mara. We spoke for hours, and I can’t wait for the world to read this! Nobody has ever gotten this close to knowing the truth about Vera Sidika and how it all started. Make sure you Grab your copy from the department stores. Magazine: @truelove_ea As told to: @Andanjewobanda Photography: @rubanipix Photography assistant; @kelvinasamba Styling: @annabelmwenga Wardrobe: @aulgahnato & @queenveebosset Hair: @verasidikabeautyparlor Make Up: @verasidikabeautyparlor Shot Location; Maasai Mara

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Be sure to grab a copy!

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  2. Good for you to finish off your degree!It the least you should have done ages ago.

  3. What is this business in its correct definition. Anyway if you finish, you will not be engaging in this business. Soon your body will not fit in your business.

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