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Pesa ni sabuni! Betty Kyallo´s rusty TBT photo lights up the Internet

December 06, 2019 at 13:47
Pesa ni sabuni! Betty Kyallo´s rusty TBT photo lights up the Internet

It is always a moment of deep laughter when celebrities and personalities share their throwback photos that are just unbelievable. If anything, pretty rusty.

TV Queen, Betty Kyallo shared hers as Thursday popped in and we just can´t have enough of the good old days when a dear Betty was the definition of ´innocence´.

Across social media, she shared her ´before´ and ´after´, with a gap of years in between. To be honest, the face is the same but the transformation is at a whole new level.

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Back then, she seemed laid back, quiet, so innocent and not exposed to the vices of this world, unlike her current spirited, bubbly, not-so innocent and pretty exposed self.

Her caption read:

Asante baba💯 #Tbt 😂😂😂 Beatrice Kinanda. Wish we could see such transformation for our beloved country.


It was a moment of laughter and wide smiles for her fans and followers who filled her comment section with light-hearted messages, expressing:

but i came to your flair by betty salon nikakuta ukiwa default settings…. you still look like the 1st picture, hii online ni chocha tu


Fr fr no one is born ugly. We are just broke. I stan.


Lesson learned never underestimate your girlfriend kumbe

@BettyMKyallo ulikua sura personal hivyo
hii ya kitambo yu almost stopped reggae😂😂😂😂😂
Hi ni camera na make-up. The pic to the left was taken by a camera with poor exposure, plus totally no make-up. On the right the camera lighting is studio grade, plus good quality make-up. Anyway ni transformation. I’m just being petty.😂😂

this first pic, Kuna mtu alikuwa anakupenda ama let’s just forget the past😂😂

Hapa ulikuwa mbity ..mbitirithi…
Kitambo ulikuwa serious kama mschana wa choir😊
The tbt photo ata Stivo Simple Boy hangekusimamisha😂😂
So I’m not ugly, just poor . Okay
Before And after Devolution
Hii hairstyle ya tbt ni kama ndio madem wote Wakamba hueka kabla wachanuke
Hapo ulikuwa vajo walahi
😂😂😂Hapa tumechezwa.. Is this the same person





  1. Pesa ni sabuni! Betty Kyallo´s rusty TBT photo lights up the Internet – VIP Celebrities : December 6, 2019 at 3:06 pm


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