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Aki pesa wewe! Vera Sidika throws insults at broke guests who attended baby shower

October 13, 2021 at 08:00
Aki pesa wewe! Vera Sidika throws insults at broke guests who attended baby shower

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Vera Sidika is pretty mad at some few h*oes (her words) living in bedsitter and still have the guts to call her a beggar.

Well, the begging story comes just a few hours after the former Socialite held a lit baby shower; and from the stories making rounds – rumor has it that there wasn’t any food for the guests who attended the event.

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However according to Vera Sidika, the stories are not true; and are being circulated by a few lady ‘friends’ who were part of her baby shower WhatsApp group created by Risper Faith.

So now these h****g a*s broke a*s/bedsitter/singleroom hoes have graduated. They started by saying there was no  food or drinks at the baby shower.

Haters gonna h**e

According to Vera Sidika, these ladies decided to drag her name in mud after realizing she did not need any financial help with her event.

They the realized there was. Now went to make stories to make it look I am a begger. Begging people for money. Lmaooo

Apparently seeing her win effortlessly left these ladies chocking with jealousy; hence the false rumors about her baby shower held at Kevin Obia’s posh residence. Addressing the alleged haters through her gram, Vera went on to write;

100k abi? The same person that spends 60k on lunch at a five star restaurant in one day. The one you claim begged 100k for baby shower?


Are you mad? Did that baby shower look worth $1000? Do you even know how much I spent on the decor alone?

Well, watu wa bedsitters were just chilling; then boom! Anyway let’s just say money brings out true colors…and Vera Sidika just paraded hers…no?

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