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Akothee: 2019 I don’t want to hear about Akothee, Haters need to focus on themselves

December 19, 2018 at 07:29
Akothee: 2019 I don't want to hear about Akothee, Haters need to focus on themselves

It has been a rather bitter-sweet 2018 for singer Akothee.

The singer has hit trending lists several times because of her social media posts, songs and dress code as Kenyans shared their opinions about her.

In 2019, Akothee hopes she wouldn’t fight with anyone online and people will finally focus on their lives.

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In a series of posts on social media, the singer shared that she’s has been trolled and called all sort of names in 2018 but is hoping 2019 will be different.

“2018 i had it all. ‘Akothee has the most ugly children, Akothee is the most ugly bitch. Akothee doesn’t have have a single cent, she shows off a lot, she has no a**. Akothee this, Akothee that. Now 2019, I don’t want to hear Akothee this or that, i want you to work on yourself now that you’re perfect.

“In 2019, also give birth to your own beautiful children. Have a voice like that of an angel or devil. Perform like Lucifer in heaven. Have the most beautiful face ever full of makeups. Have the most perfect relationship ever with no ups and downs,” she said. 


Akothee also had some advice for her haters and she wants them to use a condom in 2019 whenever they jumping into bed with someone.

“You can’t keep on hating someone who hasn’t done anything to you forever. Someone who doesn’t even know you. Some of us have been taking cocaine since we were born and we’re here even Facebook knows it, some of us have been killed and murdered Facebook knows it.

“2019 i want you to also have s3x and don’t forget to have protected s3x because HIV and pregnancy are waiting for you and if you continue using birth control pills, ectopic pregnancy is waiting for you. 2018 Akothee did everything wrong. 2019, i want you to do something right.”




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