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Akothee’s daughter forced to explain why they call their mother a b*tch

December 07, 2018 at 10:43
Akothee's daughter forced to explain why they call their mother a b*tch

Kenyans understand that controversy runs in Akothee’s family, but fail to see how her kids refer to her using an expletive.

Not once has Akothee’s second-born daughter Rue Baby refereed to her mother as a bitch on social media.

The first time Rue publicly called her mum a bitch was in March when she complained that her mother was making too much noise and apparently, Akothee didn’t have an issue with it.

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“Waaaahh… bitch you be making that noise this early morning @akotheekenya… eiii please am sleeping,” she posted.

“, yes bitch you know me at 6.00 am everyone is up No wonder you threw me out of your hostel na God will see you I love you my chuchu.” replied Akothee. 

Not an abuse

During a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Rue explained that she’s actually not abusing her mother but that’s how they refer to her at home.

“It’s not an abuse, si matusi. Hapana.  I would say we have the best relationship with our mum. Our mum is our best friend so anytime tuko na anything tunaeza ongea hata ukiona tukiongea pamoja you would think we are 4 sisters. So when we call her a bitch it’s not a big deal, people on the internet should not take it as an insult. We are close to our mum, we have built a strong bond. We call her whatever name we want to refer to her and she doesn’t mind. As long as your mother doesn’t mind I think it’s okay,” Rue explained on Radio Jambo.






  1. RODRECKI ISAKA OCHIENG : December 7, 2018 at 11:17 am

    And what is a BITCH stands for ? Yaaaani maana ya hilo jina ni nini ?
    Je ? nimatusi

  2. i can never call my mum a bitch

  3. Huyu mtoto ni kichwa uji sana

  4. Aaaahhh people abeg please chill
    If her mum is okay and they do have that kind of connection abeg please spare them…
    Her mom is not your mum…that you have to understand…
    It’s like my bessfrenns,I do call them bitch sometimes and insult them playfully…it’s never that serious

  5. I wish my mum was alive today I would have called her any name for as long a see a smile on her face

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