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Anerlisa Muigai shamed for using hip boosters in viral video

June 24, 2019 at 12:01
Anerlisa Muigai shamed for using hip boosters in viral video

Ben Pol´s fianceé, Anerlisa Muigai has had a massive weight loss journey but fans are yet to believe that she actually lost her weight through natural means.

Having started an app that deals with weight loss, tailored for her fans and many who would benefit from it, the wealthy heiress shares her journey with the public.

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Feeling Girly Today 👗

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However, until date, masses doubt she achieved her current body size naturally.

Right from plastic surgery to using body shapers to get rid of excess fat is what seems more convincing to Kenyans.

Unfortunately, the beauty might have had the dust settle but fans have been awakened by one of her recent posts, dressed in Ankara.

The NERO CEO can be seen carefully catwalking before posing then taking her seat; one would think she is modelling for the crowd.

It is definite, one can tell she has worn hip boosters and hawk-eyed fans could not help but bash her for living a lie.

Why does the back look like vigodoro around the waist


have noticed too


Uko almost kuwa obese tena😂😂


Look at the waist and stomach…… body shaming sio honesty


Mzito kutembea zigo kubwa


Hio ni matako ama ni pillow🤔🤔


Dada mbona umeanza kunenepa tena😭😭


kaka etu apunguze kukupa raha.. unaanza tena kunenepa jameni, mikono hiyo😂😍


Kwani umevaa mahando😛😛




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