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Be warned! Yummy Mummy gets a lass, red-handed ogling at her hubby

November 26, 2019 at 11:14
Be warned! Yummy Mummy gets a lass, red-handed ogling at her hubby

It is tough when a woman realizes that there is a lady or ladies hitting on her man. It gets worse, when the lady actually disguises herself as a concerned and pleasant individual only to realize she is but a ´snake´.

Kenyan vlogger, Joan Munyi better known as Yummy Mummy spat venom on a follower who had always claimed to be looking up to her as an inspiration.

Yes, that sailed through until recently when the expectant personality was browsing lightly through her hubby´s DM only to be caught by surprise.

Joan alias Yummy Mummy with her hubby, Zach Munyi

So apparently, this lady who disguised herself as a ´follower who looks up to Joan´, had been chatting her husband all this while.

It´s obvious she took a closer look at the chat and all the while, the lady had been ´throwing herself at Joan´s man´.


Creepy DMs to say the least, reading:

Oh you travel a lot yeah? I don´t mind keeping you company on a trip one of these days.

If you ever need someone to be open with, I can make the time.

Well, well, well…something had been cooking and Joan was just perturbed. Fortunately, her hubby, Zach was safe because he had shut down the lady.

I obviously instantly blocked her (from both mine and Zach´s pages).

The message

Yummy Mummy´s point basically is to caution women out there who might not have keen as eyes to spot something amiss, which they should match up to before it´s too late.

The devil is alive and well. SATAN IS DWELLING AMONGST US. And he may not be as far as you think.

Joan adds that it is pretty unfortunate that those who you think are cheering you on, are actually lionesses just waiting to pounce when the time is right.

Not everyone who claims to be in your corner really is. That´s the reality of the world we live in right now.

She calls her out by the name ¨Brenda, I see you! Don´t test a pregnant woman!¨

Well, Saturday the 30th of Novemeber 2019, Yummy Mummy´s baby shower goes down at Kilimani.


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