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Chipukeezy’s girlfriend accused of seeing other people on the side

April 25, 2019 at 11:41
Chipukeezy’s girlfriend accused of seeing other people on the side

Word making rounds on social media is that a Chipukeezy’s new bae is not as innocent as she looks.

Well, this was revealed by a few women on Facebook came out to expose a few unknown details about the power couple.


Apparently the women claim that Chipukeezy started dating Kibanja before she even turned 18 years. This was at the time he dropped his fiancé and started focusing on the young lady who has left many dying of jealousy.

Kibanja and Pascal Tokodi?


As alleged by others, Kibanja and actor cum singer Pascal Tokodi have been involved with each other for quite sometime now and if anything they continue to do this under Chipukeezy’s nose.

We however cannot confirm whether these accusations are true but as far as Kibanja and Chipukeezy are concerned, they seem to be just fine.

From the screenshots circulating on social media, word also has it that Chipukeezy is ‘broke’ and apparently doesn’t spoil his young lady since she also comes from a very wealthy family.

Anyway check out the screenshots below.







  1. Weh!Sasa ukweli uko wapi hapa?Hizi allegations ni mingi na vile deadly,huyo dame kama anakucheza,muache tu,if you don’t,ni majuto huko mbele.If Chipu didn’t know,she was under 18 then simlaumu.Otherwise,men look for youth and beauty,so hata kama ameturn 18 leo,she is fair game.Hakuna haja uoe thot iko close to thirty imejaza p2 kwa tumbo.Though siku hizi wengi wameshapitiwa sana before hata wafike 18,best bet ni kutafuta bibi ocha na relatives washafanya background check thoroughly.It’s also good to live within your means,hii kuringa social media adds no value to your life since at the end of the day no body cares.

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