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Club Covid’s Xtian Dela killed on social media

June 26, 2020 at 12:37
Club Covid's Xtian Dela killed on social media

Social media personality Aurther Mandela also known as Xtian Dela was yesterday reported dead on Facebook; something that left most of his fans worried.

As seen on the post shared widely on Facebook  by a lady identified as Affroz Meher, Xtian Dela apparently fell down and was rushed to the Aga Khan hospital; but upon arriving, doctors confirmed that he had already passed on.

The controversial post read;

Breaking news,, popular blogger know as Xtiandela is dead , he was from visiting a friend where he fell down and was rushed to the hospital. Xtiandela was pronounced dead in Agakhan hospital just 10 minutes ago. May his soul rest in eternal peace …. my regards to the family.

Xtian Dela speaks

However thanks to Edgar Obare who has been ‘close friends’ with Xtian; we now understand why Xtian Dela is being reported dead while still very alive.

Xtian Dela

TBT; Xtian Dela hospitalized

According to Xtian, he has been having a tough week as a few characters have been trying to ruin his reputation through Whatsapp groups; and now with the death announcement.

He went on to ask the blogger flag the fake news by informing fans that he is still alive.

Hey it’s been tough, i’m not good, but Im still alive. I know the group of people doing this. Theyve been attacking me all week on WhatsApp. It shall be ok. Please allow me to rest, can’t chat much. Just tell guys im thankful to still be alive.



Xtian Dela responds

Since revealing the amount of money he made through the Covid Club; Xtian Dela seems to have attracted a huge number of haters and also friends who became foes…and from the look of things they are not ready to let him rest.




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