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David Ndii refuses to let SK Macharia’s son rest in peace

April 30, 2018 at 08:13
David Ndii refuses to let SK Macharia's son rest in peace

SK Macharia’s son John Macharia died on April 26th after being involved in a freak accident. Controversial economist David Ndii had no time to express sympathy to the deceased.

John Macharia died after he crashed his Porsche Cayenne 911 Turbo S along Southern bypass. The multi-million shillings German machine he was driving was totally wrecked in the accident.

1.6 billion scandal

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) started a conversation to discuss moral values in Kenya after John Macharia was killed in a car worth millions of shillings . KOT wondered why someone would drive a 35 million car when fellow Kenyans were sleeping hungry.

David Ndii joined the conversation and said such people drive expensive cars because they loot public resources. The controversial economist shared reports of court proceedings which John Macharia was mentioned in a multi-billion shilling scandal to defraud Kenya Pipeline Company 1.6 billion shillings.






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