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Diamond Platnumz confirms he’s taken, ready to settle down with new girlfriend

July 14, 2020 at 14:20
Diamond Platnumz confirms he's taken, ready to settle down with new girlfriend

Diamond Platnumz popularly known as Father Abraham has yet again come out to reveal that he is back on the dating circle, this time, with a lass he is ready to put a wedding ring on.

Hardly just parted ways with Kenyan girl, Tanasha Donna in February 2020, the crooner has already hopped onto another woman’s arms and it sure seems he has been bewitched with love.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

During a social gathering just three days ago, the Bongo Flava virtuoso came out to disclose that he found new love after Tanasha’s untimely exit and is now planning to settle with his new gem.

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Adding that he is already growing too old to keep hopping from one woman to the next, busy expanding his lineage and that it is time he finally makes his pick and runs with it.

Sipo single tena. Nina mwanamke ninayetaka kuoa. Sisi wengine sasa hivi hatutaki mahusiano, tunataka tuoe. Mwezi wa kumi tarehe mbili nitatimiza miaka 31 na sitaki kua tu na mwanamke. Sitaki kuwa na kimada (mistress), sitaki kuwa na hawara (p********e), nataka kuoa.

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz


Sentiments he expressed having uttered the same to Tanasha Donna during their early loved-up days in 2018/2019 and we all know what came out of it.

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The longest he ever lasted in a marriage was with Ugandan curvy businesswoman, Zari Hassan, a 4-year relationship that bore them two kids who are now all grown up.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz with their two children

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However, this might also have been influenced by his family after his two sisters; Esma and Queen Darleen bagged themselves husbands in the last 7 months.

They might be older than him but he probably still feels the pressure. Either way, we can only sit and wait.




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