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Diamond Platnumz finally speaks days after mum revealed his biological dad (Video)

January 20, 2021 at 08:41
Diamond Platnumz finally speaks days after mum revealed his biological dad (Video)

Although Ricardo Momo is the one who outed Mama Dangote’s secret about Diamond Platnumz paternity; fans are convinced that the entire family had  already plotted this from the beginning.

So far many continue to sympathize with Mzee Juma who remains in shock after learning that he was fooled by the love of his life. Judging from the few interviews he has since done; it’s obvious to see how embarrassed, hurt and disappointed he looks – but it is life.

Diamond Platnumz dad

While many continue to talk about this, Mama Dangote and her family now remain silent on the matter; and word has it that they might actually never talk about it again.

Diamond Platnumz speaks for the first time

Well, after waiting for days – Diamond Platnumz finally got to address this issue; while on a Press conference with several journalists from popular media groups.

Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond Platnumz dad and his grandson

Unlike what we expected to hear – the singer refused to address this in public saying; the matter is currently being worked on at home.

According to the singer, he has no right to address this in public; since he is not just being watched in East Africa but Africa and other foreign lands.

In his interview, Diamond Platnumz said;

Mambo ya chumbani huzungumziwa chumbani

Watch the full video below courtesy of Bongo 5.





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