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Diana Marua accused of aborting twice before meeting Bahati

April 02, 2020 at 15:09
Diana Marua accused of aborting twice before meeting Bahati

After her husband was bashed and humbled by fans on social media. It now seems that it is now Diana Marua’s turn to face the wrath of her online haters.

Just a while ago the mother of 2 was exposed for allegedly stealing handbags and shoes from a certain retailer on Instagram. Well, being a celebrity housewife, no one would easily suspect that Diana Marua would steal from them.

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Classmate speaks

Anyway, the lady who is not only known for being Baha’s wife has been accused of being a petty thief by a former classmate from ABC Mitaboni high school. Apparently Diana Marua’s habit did not start just recently but from way back when she was in high school.

Diana exposed

According to the unnamed classmate who shared the story with Edgar Obare on Instagram; the source branded Diana a thief who also happened to steal one of her friend’s boyfriends.

Aborted twice

The alleged source also went on to reveal that Diana Marua aborted twice for her boyfriend back in the day.

After the then boyfriend learnt about this, he then kicked Diana out before she now moved to sponsors.

Diana’s abortions

Diana speaks

With Chit chat and Kilimani mums already on the case, Ms Marua has been forced to come out to indirectly defend herself.

As seen on her Instagram page, the mother of two laughed out loud asking fans to enlighten her on what was being said about her. Through her Instagram page Diana wrote;

Weeeuuhh Naambiwa na trend pale chit chat na kilimani mums. Nipeeni udaku nimefanya nini na hii Corona? 😂😂😂

Bahati’s wife

Lets see whether she will open up about the abortions and whether she is indeed a thief as accused.





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  2. y’all know what… ask me about her and trust me.. I know more than the crappy things people are writing about Diana. I was with her in campus 2008-2009 @ KCA University and also her neighbor at Komarock estate. My opinion.. people are just looking for ways to tanish her name. Everyone’s got a past and truthfully I’ve known her long enough and the respect I have for Dee if only people knew her. ask her.

  3. Haters can do anything to tunish your name. Respect people. Hata mseme nene hataachwa.

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