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Did Eric Omondi break up with Chantal for Jacque Maribe´s pregnancy? (video)

June 25, 2019 at 09:40
Did Eric Omondi break up with Chantal for Jacque Maribe´s pregnancy? (video)

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe´s relationship stirs mixed reactions online after begging the TV personality to allow him to take care of the pregnancy she is carrying.

In a video seen by Mpasho, the popular comedian is seen goofing around with the expectant mother of 1.

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Well, over time, word on the street has been that the two are an item and are alleged to have sired a son together.

In the video, Eric is standing behind Jacque, who is seated in front of a dressing table before he expresses:

Niko hapa na watch ball yangu.

Harambee stars wametuangusha.

So wacha niwatch ball yangu, kila mtu a-watch ball yake.

The controversial journalist shies away and giggles in the background.

Eric Omondi then adds:

Ebu nione hiyo ball yangu.

Jacque cannot help but hide her face after she guffaws uncontrollably and leans on the table.

And soon after tells Eric:

Toka hapa.


Jacque Maribe is heavily expectant with a second child, news broken to the world by her lover-cum-journalist, Dennis Itumbi.

Apparently, word doing the rounds is the beauty could be expectant with Eric´s baby and probably why he had to part ways with Italian girlfriend, Chantal suddenly.

And to leave it as a mystery, the veteran Kenyan comedian uses humor and wit to share the news with the public who might not get the clear picture.

Probably in an attempt to let the dust settle concerning pregnancy rumors.

However, he concludes by urging Kenyans to watch football on DSTV.

Unfortunately, Eric pulled down the video soon after but Mpasho had already taken a couple of screenshots from the post.

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Additionally, in a recent interview with Radio Jambo, Eric cited that they are still friends with Jacque uttering:

I met Jacque Maribe when we were both employees at Radio Africa Group and our  friendship grew from there.

We even went for a date at Sarit Centre and had some tea.

Since then our friendship has been so tight.

Till now we are still friends and every time we tell ourselves that whatever happens, we will still remain friends.

I chat her on messages but I will not say if I visited her when she was incarcerated.




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