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DJ Mo responds to allegations claiming Size 8 kicked him out of their posh home (video)

October 08, 2020 at 09:14
DJ Mo responds to allegations claiming Size 8 kicked him out of their posh home (video)

DJ Mo’s home is breaking and after hearing him accuse his wife of wearing unattractive outfits to bed; also confirms that Mo has been seeing better on the side!

Of course we don’t doubt this especially after coming across photo and videos of his alleged side chick! Unlike most normal wives, this one must have been entertaining DJ Mo in ways only he can explain.

DJ Mo’s side chick

So far many continue to throw shade at DJ Mo for allegedly cheating on his wife with a less attractive woman. This is probably because of the screenshot she shared with Edgar Obare showing her video call with DJ Mo.

DJ Mo kicked out

Well, immediately after his story went viral on social media, the celebrated gospel media personality went on to share a photo showing that he had checked into a hotel.

With this of course many started speculating and asking whether he had been kicked out of his home by his wife.

Feuding couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

However remembering the fact that his side chick had publicly embarrassed his wife by confirming the cheating rumors; there was no way baba Wambo could sleep at home.

Still living in their mansion

But as seen on a new post shared on DJ Mo’s story; we believe that he is still living at home and unlike what many thought – could be that his wife actually knew about his extra marital affairs!

Size 8 on the other hand continues to maintain her silence concerning her husband’s cheating ways! However at least for now, she has no reason to keep acting as if her marriage is perfect; I mean these things happen!

Anyway checkout the short clip below.




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