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DJ Shiti reveals his first stage name and why he was forced to change it!

April 28, 2020 at 10:36
DJ Shiti reveals his first stage name and why he was forced to change it!

Before DJ Shiti there was ‘Magazine’ a funny man from Nakuru who came to Nairobi in search of greener pastures; only to realize life in the city is harder than he expected!

Well this is a story about the current DJ Shiti who has been using his story to inspire the young people in the society.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o on Bonganajalas; Shiti for the first time revealed a few unknown things about himself including the fact that he was once known as Magazine.

Magazine meets DJ Shiti

Shiti talks about Magazine

When asked why he chose the name magazine at the beginning of his career; DJ Shiti opened up revealing that this name was creative to since a magazine always consists of a lot of information publish all together.

For him this was an easy name since he had also been carrying several talents in him; thus masking magazine a more reasonable name.

However, he later came to change Magazine to DJ Shiti – a name that left him making headlines on most tabloids! According to him sometimes a person is forced to take different directions just to achieve the same goal and this what he did.

DJ Shiti

DJ Shiti

Supporting his family

While many comedians continue to complain about payments; DJ Shiti has been handling his side hustles that have seen him make a few coins here and there.

However much life has been tough on him, DJ Shiti says he has never thought of quitting since his entire family looks up to him.

We all know that after arriving in Nairobi he had no place to sleep since his cousin refused to host him; however his friends at Koinange ended up showing sympathy and rented him a place to stay.

Prince Tsyder alias Tony with DJ Shiti as part of the crew in TRHK local film

Speaking about this shiti revealed;

“I made friends among the commercial sex workers at Koinange street. They loved how I spoke and nicknamed me Mr. Motivator. They, however, usually probed me to tell them where I stay, and after a few inquiries, I bowed into their demands and told them the truth. They took me to a house along River Road, where they usually undertook their commercial businesses. I lived there for some time“

The comedian also added that his brothers children and those of his sister also depend on him financially; and just like in most African families, Shiti is responsible for his younger siblings school free!





  1. Destined for Greatness Indeed! Go, Go, Go ! DJ SHITI
    Though i would love to remind you : NEVER EVER , despise the days of your humble beginnings! and never forget those friends who offered you a place to stay when you are at the top.
    Keep On brother !
    Plus don’t forget our invite to come on the @jayDwayneShow

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