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Drama! Tunda exchanges bitter words with Wema Sepetu’s best friend over unpaid liquor bill!

January 31, 2018 at 10:07
Drama! Tunda exchanges bitter words with Wema Sepetu's best friend over unpaid liquor bill!

Tunda and Aunt Ezekiel last night gave many a good show after the two decided to take each other down on social media. This is after Aunt Ezekiel left a comment under Tunda’s photo asking her about the money she owed her for a bottle of liquor.

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Diamond Platnumz side chick however did not take the comment lightly judging from how she responded. Through her gram, Tunda went all out calling Wema Sepetu’s best friend all sorts of nasty names. She wrote saying;

Aunt Ezekiel responds

Well, the Tanzanian actress could not just watch the young lady insult her on social media. For this reason, Ezekiel also joined in the insults and at some point it seemed that the two would end up fist fighting.

According to Tunda, the money Aunt Ezekiel is asking for was paid to her husband Mose Iyobo. However the fella also seems to have distanced himself from the mix as he claims Tunda never gave him any money.

Well the drama between the three involves a bottle of a Belaire that is yet to be paid by either Tunda or Mose Iyobo since Tanzanian actress Aunt Ezekiel is not laughing with anyone.





  1. I keep saying this instagram girls are poor

  2. 5K and she can’t afford?

  3. This is shameful looking at the standards these girls put out here

  4. Utamu wa kukopa ni kulipa

  5. I wonder how she survives in hotels

  6. huyu dem Tunda fala sana….!!!

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  8. Truth be told : January 31, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Tunda is so desperate to become famous she would do anything , God please make her rich and famous so she can pay her beer and afford glam parties.

  9. ???????????? makubwa

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