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Edgar Obare arrested!

July 30, 2020 at 14:21
Edgar Obare arrested!

Blogger and tea master Edgar Obare was arrested earlier today as revealed on his social media pages. This comes just a few days after he was asked to make an appearance at the DCI Kiambu headquarters; following his exposee where he linked Natalie born Wanjiku Githinji to Hassan Joho.

With such a story and of course some hard evidence, Edgar Obare did not hold back from doing what he does best. He served tea! However those involved did not seem impressed now that their business had become everybody else’s business and trust me, Kenyans love such juicy gossip!

Anyway after being summoned, Edgar through his Insta stories shared the news with fans saying;

Edgar Obare

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I was kindly requested by an officer to appear at the DCI HQ without fail in the next few days.

Arrested but not detained!

Well, earlier this morning Edgar Obare who is currently in the country was arrested by many police officers. According to the blogger, the many officers made their way into his home where they arrested him with no force or violence. Through his IG page, Edgar wrote;

As i said I was summoned by the DCI. Today morning i was arrested by very many officers at my home. Now am headed to Nairobi. Thank you for your undying support.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

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We are not quite sure what he is being charged with; but chances are he may have messed with people who think own Kenya and may need him to keep quiet next time! But being a certified journalist, will he really manage to keep off such scandals?

Anyway, lets see how things out in the end!


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