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Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai writes to US doctors in long moving post

May 20, 2019 at 13:10
Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai writes to US doctors in long moving post

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai hasn´t had it easy from her condition but remains thankful and now affirms her journey to recovery has kicked off.

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STRONG!!!! Tres fort!!!!

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In a long revealing post, the Kenyan personality reveals the massive and continued support given to her by the US doctors and therapists.

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Njambi´s Thoracic Endometriosis condition was one of the worst ever seen and local treatment might not have confirmed her survival.

She therefore had to seek further treatment from specialists that has been seeing her spend millions on her treatment though positively responding to.

The reggae queen shares her story hoping that it will leave a mark in the lives of many for she believes she is a walking miracle.

Right from literally losing grip to gradually regaining her sense of touch in to seeing the Lord´s goodness as she proudly breathes again.

She is a bubbly media personality and her sense of humor even during her worst of times, is pretty admirable.

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Hey fam….let me tell you a few things about life. Well I've experienced alot to know quite a few things. With so much going on, we have forgotten the true essence of life. Let me share the hospital experience. You fall sick. You are admitted. You've signed all your documents. Given consent to the hospital that the procedures might not go as planned and the hospital will not be liable. Haya, you're then taken to a room and asked to remove all your clothes and inner wear. Everything. Your jewellery. Kila kitu. Unabaki ndethe, ndetheste. Hapa hakuna mtu anajali ati umevaa Gucci ama Chanel ama your fav local designer. Hahahaha sasa btw i forgot one process before surgery. The bowel prep. Unapewa dawa zingine utalala kwa loo ukiimba wimbo zote na kabila zote unajua because like a roaring flood, all clearance is taking place in your body. Ukishatoka hapo umesweat maji sasa unasweat chumvi unaambia God wacha ibaki chumvi tu before uanze kusweat vitu huelewi. Anyway turudi pale kwa ndethe, ukishatoa nguo zako zote ziwe designer ama mtush ule mtu alikuleta anapewa paper bag akuweke belonging zako. Unapewa gown na socks. Kutoka hapo sasa wewe ni sufferer wa Mungu. Hakuna mtu anataka kujua kama wewe ni Governor wa Kenya na uko na 57 billion ama wewe ni Jahmby wa Ungwaro. Hapa sasa ni maombi juu daktari pia anajuaga hii biz yao inaweza enda mrama. So mkae mkijua hao watu wanaibia watu chapaa wanafanya watu wanakufa njaa, siku yao itafika. Mungu anajua mahali atawapata. Sisi wote tunasurvive by the grace of God. Hakuna mtu anajua ni nini amebeba kwa mwili yake. So wakiiba wajue God anaona tu. Mi nimekuwa hosi na watu mahututi zaidi yangu. Na hawa walami ni masource kuruka but hakuna kitu chapaa yao inawasaidia nayo. Wako hapo kama mimi kila mtu analilia Mungu wake. Hii life, just do the right thing. Usikimbize life ama uone wewe ni mnoma kuliko wasee wengine. Hizi ngori zinakutaga mtu offguard ndio unajua God. Alafu najua ninaglow. Wacheni niwapee siri…hii ni jasho tupu hahahahahahaa nilikaa more than mwezi bila kushower cos siwezi shower kama niko na tubes ni passport tu. Jasho ni moisturiser noma sana😂😂😂😂

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Njambi jests:

Mentally i feel like i can run with Eliud Kipchoge lol hata kama nitakimbia 20 metres😂😂😂😂

I believe i can conquer all my mind sets to do now.

However, she does not forget to remind her local and International family of supporters to keep praying for her so that she emerges Strong, as she pens:

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I will restore to you the years that locusts have eaten. My case was one of the worst ever seen and that is a very scary thing. I developed many complications right after surgery. I thank God for the amazing team of doctors and therapists here. I'm a walking miracle. If you ever doubt that God is real, look at my story. I've come from literally losing grip and feeling my body slowly give in to seeing the goodness of the Lord and breathing again. Mentally i feel like i can run with Eliud Kipchoge lol hata kama nitakimbia 20 metres😂😂😂😂 I believe i can conquer all my mind sets to do now. Kindly keep praying for me to finish strong. Thank you for all your love and support. Kindly help me raise Kshs 4.4m. Paybill Number is 490681 Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund For my US fam cashapp is 6784672746 $jahmbykoikai For the international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio #jahmbybeatingendo #jahmbyarmy #thoracicendometriosis #endometriosis #endowarrior #JesusisLord

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The love

Fans storm her page and lovingly express:

God above everything 🙏🏽
Thankyou for being amazingly STRONG! Mungu atatimiza Jahmz! 💙💙💙


God is great


Fight on Allah will see you through




Count alot on my prayers as usual 🙏🙏🙏.And your outfit is wonderful 👌👍and you also look stronger in that picture 😍😍

Jahmby youve been an inspiration to me all the way…jah bless… I love you
Empress divine
Mommy uko fiti,unapendeza pia u encourage those who wants to give up,battling a disease mpaka upigishe chini ivo means God is good
Amen. Our God of restoration will restore you fully
My sister big hart God is good all the time keep going big up strong bless you c u soon blessed

Be a pillar to the brave warrior whether in prayers or funding.

May she emerge victorious!

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