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“You are an enemy of progress”: DJ Mo fires shots at Njoki Chege for hating on his marriage with Size 8

September 18, 2017 at 09:49
Size 8 with DJ Mo

A few days ago gospel DJ Mo revealed that before he wifed Size 8 he had to put her through a few tests to see whether she was the lady he had been looking for all his life.

Size 8

According to him she passed the five tests that included Size 8 cleaning after his messes in the house – something that left many ladies saying “Mimi singefanya” but luckily for Size 8 she managed to sweep off the DJ off his feet after showing that she was the submissive type.

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Njoki Chege

Anyway, with their love story trending on all social media platforms, one Njoki Chege has decided to give DJ Mo a piece of her mind through an article published on Daily Nation where she went ham on baba Ladashabelle.
The piece titled “DJ Mo a flawed view of marriage and should apologize for his remarks” finally got into the gospel DJ’s hands and as expected he had a response for Njoki Chege who he also happens to say that he does not know.
Through his gram he wrote saying:

Someone tell Njoki Chege? (have never heard about before )we are happily married and we are fine hahahahahaha- my wife Is a queen and I TREAT HER LIKE ONE – my WIFE LOVED ME WHEN I WAS AND HAD NOTHING so stop twisting the whole thing for relevance because of few coins your getting paid for a column -?that’s all I meant – njoki you need to look for attention somewhere else – Am one Christian you can’t “Tisha “with your articles ” I pray for you to get married and please come for some marriage tips & advices . ???ati I apologize – who made you the chair lady in the counsel of apologies -enemy of progress

Well, there you have it…! But sincerely was it necessary for the gospel DJ to throw shade to Njoki Chege since she is not married?





  1. This is the beginning of madness,wait for more filth going forward

  2. Those storos of baby mamas will start coming out,DJ MO are u ready?

  3. Njoki Chege knows how to hit niggas hard

  4. Acha nicheke tu,i see secrets being leaked out,this is about to end bad

  5. DJ MO kumbe ni mkali hivi?

  6. Only God knows if that marriage will last njoki chege gal I’m with you this niggas are for everybody

  7. eve auma omondi : September 20, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Well deserved.kiherehere mob not called for.

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