Fake news! Evidence that the ‘Imenti House’ video was not shot in Kenya

December 18, 2018 at 07:44
Fake news! Evidence that the 'Imenti House' video was not shot in Kenya

Social media for the better part of yesterday has been buzzing with jokes, memes and curiosity after an alleged sex video found it’s way to several platforms.

The video, which has been trending by the name Imenti House, has two adults engaging in sex in what looks like a clothing store and Kenyans were led to believe it was shot in Nairobi at the popular mall.


It has now emerged that the clip was not shot at Imenti House in Nairobi. It was shot in America and posted on Twitter way back in April 2018 by a user who has a lot of pornography on his timeline.


Some Kenyan re-shared the video and started claiming it happened at Imenti making it spread like wildfire.

Kenyans then joined the movement and started releasing memes which has really helped the video circulate. Well, most of us got fooled by this one as netizens really believed it was shot it Kenya.




  1. Hio story nia hao matapeli nahuyo mganga ndio apate clients… Lazima kieleweke

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