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Forget Young Ma! Meet the young lady lover dating sassy NRG Radio presenter, Aurelia (Photos)

August 24, 2020 at 16:41
Forget Young Ma! Meet the young lady lover dating sassy NRG Radio presenter, Aurelia (Photos)

Chelsea Vancarter is undeniably giving NRG radio presenter, Aurelia a  reason to smile and now that their relationship is public; their is no stopping these two.

The NRG radio host went on to introduce her new lover through her Twitter page; however the news was received with mixed reactions. Of course there are those who criticized their love, forgetting that the forbidden fruits always taste sweeter!

While others fully supported the two – but now that LGBT has become a normal thing in the society; we can’t help but look forward to the day other rumored gay couples finally decide to come out.

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Aurelia’s boo

Well, one thing we know about Aurelia’s baby boo is that she is savage and actually likes her Yeezy sneakers as seen on her IG page. Unlike the forced ‘tomboy’ vibe, Chelsea Vancarter very few female characteristics or rather features.

I bet this may be one of the reasons why Aurelia seems hooked to her partner as seen on the new photos shared by the couple.

Another thing we couldn’t help but notice is that Chelsea has been around for a while judging from followers like Kibanja and the rest who follow her, Anyway, below are a few photos of the lady giving many sleepless nights on IG.

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Aurelia’s girlfriend, Chelsea Vancarter

Kenya’s Young Ma?

NRG’s Aurelia introduces new girlfriend

Chelsea flashing out her beautiful smile




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