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Former Kleptomaniax member Collo hints at the possibility of Nyashinski joining the gospel industry

September 23, 2021 at 15:22
Former Kleptomaniax member Collo hints at the possibility of Nyashinski joining the gospel industry

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Back in the day Kleptomaniax was the it pop group. I mean, they not only came through with the baggy drip; but also with good music that has kept the Kenyan music industry afloat.

Tbt:Pop group, Kleptomaniax

I understand the group, Kleptomaniax was formed back in 1999 but was dissolved around 2007; due to unknown reasons but since then, the group members moved on and became husbands and dads.

One in particular is Collo who is currently using his talent; to spread the gospel now that he is a changed man. In 2016, Collo announced to have quit the secular music industry as he was now a saved man. For a minute – some fans felt this was a joke until Collins Majale dropped drinking and partying like before.


Nyashinski following into Collo’s footsteps

Thanks to a new interview Collo recently held with Mseto East Africa’s Willy M Tuva – we have reason to believe that his brothers (Kleptomaniax) could be following into his footsteps.

This is after Collo hinted that there is a high possibility of Nyanshinski getting saved; or rather, the Mungu Pekee hit maker already got saved but opted not to mention it to the public.


Speaking to Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Collo weighed in on the possibility of Nyashinski’s following into his footsteps saying;

According to Collo, the Christian religion is not a new thing to Nyanshinki; who turns out to be a preachers son.

Nyashinski knows cause he is a preachers son of course an acknowledge Christ is lord; na perphaps ameokoka ni vile hajacome public

Justifying his prediction about Nyashinski’s Faith, the fella said;

Remember niliokoka 2014 towards the end but nilicome public in 2016

Well, if this is true – then I guess fans should be looking forward to seeing more gospel songs from Nyashinski; but until then – we are open to any new music from Nyashinski. It’s been a minute, right?

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