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“Get well soonest Aleky” Fans condole an ailing Alex Mwakideu

September 26, 2019 at 10:37
"Get well soonest Aleky" Fans condole an ailing Alex Mwakideu

Renown radio presenter, Alex Mwakideu has been missing in action on the Milele FM airwaves.

Alex and his co-host, Jalang’o have a fan base that might never cease for as long as the two are a pair.

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Having teamed up at radio Maisha but later, Jalang’o walked away to Hot 96, before fate brought them together once more at Milele FM where they host a show together.

However, Alex Mwakideu has been absent for some time now. On reaching out to the radio guru, he revealed he has been unwell and seeking medical attention.

The family man is under medication in the Aga Khan hospital though failed to disclose what might be ailing him.

Mwili Umekataa! Shetani Ashindwe! Am in Hospital. I’ll be back! In the Meantime… 💯Kwa💯 Aminia, Ukiwa na @chris001ke Huwezi Umia…. Thank you my Brother! Unaipigaaaaaaa! Mpe hi kakangu @jalangoo 💥💯💥 #UkipendaPendaMilele.

So meanwhile, his co-host, Jalang’o has been joined by  Bangaiza Reloaded show presenter Chris The Bass.

Good morning!! #AlexNaJalas. My brother @alex_mwakideu is not feeling well…so I will be holding the fort this morning! Later @chris001ke will join me! Let’s roll #AlexNaJalasUnaskiza milele Fm ukiwa wapi?


Fans of the radio show host expressed their heartfelt emotions, wishing him nothing short of quick recovery.

Get well quickly brother 🙌


Speedy recover


Get well soon leboss


Ungua pole😔

Get well soonest Aleky


Quick recovery bro🙏


Get well soon




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