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What happened to supporting your own? Akothee rumored ex ‘boyfriend’ in police custody for using her photo in his music video

May 17, 2017 at 10:22

Singer Brown Mauzo has learnt the hard way not to mess with Akothee, the only lady who tells off men on social media and manages to get away with it.

However, unluckily for Brown Mauzo he was not trolled on social media but was forced to go into police custody for apparently using Akothee’s photo on his new music video without seeking her permission first.

This was revealed by Tuko who announced that the singer was arrested on Mother’s day and put into police custody after Akothee reported him.


Akothee with ex boy toy, Brown Mauzo

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With the connections she has, the mother of 5 proved that she is capable of anything and this is how her rumored ex-toyboy suffered the harsh consequences with no mercy.

What is more surprising is that he did not just use Akothee’s photo but Sarah Hassan, Wema Sepetu and Sanaipei Tande of which they did not complain since this is just the only way they could help the singer paint the story in his song to fans…but no Akothee was not ready to hear this as she ordered her photo to be removed or the video to be pulled down.

Well, not quite sure where the local music industry is heading to when artists refuse to help each other grow because of past ‘flings’. What happened to supporting your own?

Brown Mauzo arrested

Brown Mauzo arrested




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