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Harmonize is not joining politics, Singer clarifies

August 22, 2019 at 08:43
Harmonize is not joining politics, Singer clarifies

Singer Harmonize has come out to shoot down allegations that he’s thinking about joining politics in the near future.

Word had it that the popular singer ditched Diamond Wasafi Records because he has started his own label and will then move to politics after that.

But in an interview with global publishers, Harmonize said those were just baseless rumors and he’s not interested at all in politics.

“In short, I do not think of venturing into politics. Instead, I want to take our music to greater heights. My dream is to take our music international. That is where I put all my energy. I will do anything and everything for music and nothing else, not even politics,” he said.


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Though the singer has been helping a lot in his hometown in Mahuta village, Tandahimba in Mtwara and guys have been requesting him to run, Harmonize seems not yet interested.




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