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“Havai bra yawa” Kenyans go wild over a photo of Martha Karua

September 18, 2017 at 10:42
"Havai bra yawa" Kenyans go wild over a photo of Martha Karua

An old photo of NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua has sent social media into a frenzy when it surfaced on social media.

Popular comedian Captain Otoyo Sibuor shared the photo of Martha Karua which showed her breasts plastered on her t-shirt.

“Hon.Martha Karua waving at her supporters,” Otoyo captioned the photo.

Netizens were quick to share their opinions about the photo; see some of the reactions below:

alibabakenya: ?????????☝️ Can’t see any Wave nor Supporter ?

vannyanjeli: Joto ni mob akasahau
joy_gwendo: Otoyo yawa?

mallykenya: @alibabakenya me too hahaha

captainotoyo: @joy_gwendo ang’o marach ka Martha fwayo?

mollyne247: Chuchu…. ??????????????

charlescarvin: Chuchu sa sita ???

denmas01: While my eyes are waving to her nyonyo

gb_authentic: He he he… Her ginene are glaring yawa

gb_authentic: Halafu pia macho haina pazia:)

magouxse: Havai bra yawa

adhiambo_jecinta: Mmmmm

godfreykakongo: Aneno ginene

mollyne247: @captainotoyo ….let me wave back then… ????????????????????????????

edwinikunusai: Kwani alienda surgery

wanjohiessy: Wewe sio salamu uliona akii

njiruwanja: it must have been a breezy day.

kwe__: @captainotoyo issa nipple game

diplo_dana: tits poa?

vincentawange:@captainotoyo Mama ochiek

ken.okello: Twins are also waving……

ken.okello:@diplo_d really

diplo_d: @ken.okello hizo sio fake ni real boobs






  1. Hehe where do guys get ths photos from though?

  2. One is never sure when such madness will come

  3. At least hazijalala kama sleepers

  4. Ako tu sawa, isee no problem ghafla

  5. Kumbe otoyo ndio ameanzisha hii upuz yote

  6. ur nipples realy so hot mom do you for one second realise that…realy hot to make someone hot

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