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“Have mad respect for him” Khaligraph Jones comments on Redsan’s assault on producer Dr Sappy

September 21, 2018 at 09:32
"Have mad respect for him" Khaligraph Jones comments on Redsan's assault on producer Dr Sappy

Redsan has been wagging on people’s tongues after he clobbered popular producer Dr Sappy. In a leaked audio, the dancehall star is heard arguing with the producer before pouncing on him.

Sappy later on shared photos showing the injuries he sustained after Redsan beat him up. According to the producer, Redsan stormed the studio were he was working and started assaulting him without him.

Redsan and producer Sappy

Redsan and producer Sappy

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Khaligraph Jones has weighed in on Redsan’s assault on Sappy. The rapper was keen not to squarely blame Redsan but he indicated that artists are being frustrated by producers.

“Inachekesha. That is the G. we have a song coming out together. Mad respect. When I saw that and I see people leaving comments, ohhh msanii hafai kufanay hivyo. they don’t know the amount of frustration wasanii hupitia with producers,” Khaligraph told Mpasho.

Deserve to be beaten

Khaligraph also hinted that some producers need to be beaten up. He claimed that some producers deliberately refuse to release musicians’ songs even after the recording is done.

“Wajua wasanii wanapigia producer na hashikii simu. Umefanya na mtu ngoma, ushaambia fans nyimbo inatoka, producer hatoi nyimbo. Wewe! Utapigwa!” said Khaligraph.


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