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“He can’t sit down or walk” DJ Evolves father refutes stories claiming his son was discharged from hospital

May 18, 2020 at 15:56
"He can't sit down or walk" DJ Evolves father refutes stories claiming his son was discharged from hospital

DJ Evolves instagram account left many talking this past weekend after he made a post on his Instagram page. For a minute many thought that he was finally okay and ready to get back to the entertainment scene.

However turns out that the post shared on his IG was made by someone else who misinformed the public. Word has it that it could be the same person who shared a post on B Club’s instagram welcoming back Elvove to the party life. the post read;

However thanks to Mpasho who had a follow up on the story; we now understand that DJ Evolve is still in hospital but is now in the general ward where he is receiving his treatment.

DJ Evolve paralyzed from the face down

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His father John Orinda opened up about the hard situation his son has been facing since being shot by Babu Owino. The old man says his son cannot sit on his own and so far his legs remain unresponsive.

The bill has accumulated to Ksh 16 million and only 5 million had been settled by Babu Owino. Speaking to the popular tabloid, Felix Orinda’s dad said;

He is still in hospital and as we speak im in the ward with him. The bill is still too high. Babu paid only sh5 million of the 16 million bill.

unable to move

He went on to add that as for now Felix aka DJ Evolve cannot move but his upper body has been responding quite well for now. However his lower body remain unresponsive but they are hoping everything goes as planned. Mr John Orinda went on to say;


He has been moved to the general ward but he can’t sit. His upper body is okay, his hands can move, he can talk but he has a pipe in the oesophagus to pass out mucus. so he cant talk when it’s inside. His legs legs are still unresponsive.





  1. Kenya is shit hole reason the president is shit himself . How can one shoot the other and walk free the police and the president don’t know there job .

  2. aki!!! the impunity in our country responsible for the pain & misery this young man is going through yet his attacker/shooter is Scott free attending high profile politcal meetings with the same leaders supposed to deliver us out of darkness n perpetual cycles of poverty,injustice & corruption. May God help us snap out of our blindness as citizens n lift our cowardly fingers n feet to confront n demand justice for the likes of dj evolve. May God restore him from his bed of illness

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