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“He was mine first” Bridget Shighadi proudly confesses her love for hubby, Nick Mutuma

September 22, 2020 at 17:15
"He was mine first" Bridget Shighadi proudly confesses her love for hubby, Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma and baby mama, Bridget Shighadi have come from really far! For those who are not aware, these two were once Kenya’s sweetheart couple; however just like most love stories they fell apart back in 2014.

At this time Mutuma had his eyes on Tanasha Donna; but oh well, seems like Shighadi and Mutuma were made for each other after all. Anyway, since getting back together the two no longer parade their private life on social media like before!

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With one baby, Dua seems like Nick and his baby continue to build a home their kids will one day be proud of. Shighadi who is a sweetheart, also seems to have bagged herself a successful acting career in the entertainment industry.

Nick Mutuma and Shighadi

Celebrates Nick’s birthday

Through her Instagram Bridget shighadi earlier on left many talking after sending a heartfelt message to the love of her life, Nick Mutuma. In her message, Bridget however went on to jokingly tease her daughter about Nick Mutuma being hers.

She went on to write;

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Sorry Dua, he was mine first 🙃 (Girls with their daddies 🙄)
Happy birthday baby @nickmutuma ❤️

But honestly, Nick Mutuma and his baby mama remain among the most loved couple in the entertainment industry! And unlike the young couple i.e Bahati and wife, Weezdom and girlfriend, Seed and wife… the Mutuma’s prefer keeping their life on the low!




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