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Here’s How Akothee’s 1st Born Daughter Vesha’s Lavish Birthday Party Went Down (Photos)

June 14, 2021 at 10:29
Here's How Akothee's 1st Born Daughter Vesha's Lavish Birthday Party Went Down (Photos)

Akothee’s first born daughter, Vesha Okello celebrated her 24th birthday on 11th, June. And just as expected, her birthday party was a luxurious one. Even though Akothee was not present, her daughters have proved to be gurus when it comes to putting up a party. From the venue, to the cake, to the set-up.

On Vesha’s D-day, Akothee wished her daughter Vesha Okello a happy birthday with some piece of advice; adding by congratulating her for her tremendous achievements.

”HAPPY [email protected]
Everytime I feel like taking back my past; deleting my past and forgetting it all 🤔 starting life as a clean responsible girl! I remember I have life marks ,The eternal marks that can never be rubbed ,not even with time!

A woman is more s**y and stable when they are financially stable . Be financially stable first before you start looking for a financially stable man .money can’t buy you happiness or marriage ,but it will make your life easy ”

Below are more photos and video from the birthday party;




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