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High-flying artist Juma Jux handsomely rewards manager on his birthday

May 22, 2020 at 14:26
High-flying artist Juma Jux handsomely rewards manager on his birthday

The last thing you´d think of giving away just like that especially during such harsh economic times is your hard-earned money.

Well, seems this is only a statement for a certain social class or should I say economic class? Either way, point driven home.

Good example is Tanzanian singer, Juma Jux who gifted his longtime manager, Raymond Maziku, TSh 13.8M easily translating into KSh 636,225.

Not for any other reason but for his birthday.

Tanzanian artist, Juma Jux


Jux believed Maziku had always put in hard work and effort in everything he did and it would only be fair to appreciate him for that in an honorable way.

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The Sumaku singer took to his Instagram page to celebrate his manager with a photo of him in a pool, holding to some glass of wine, smiling ear to ear.


Nachokukubali mwanangu bishoo 😀😀 ila unapiga sana kazi salute 🙌🏾🙌🏾.. MORE LIFE my brother tumetoka mbali sana na safari bado ndefu.

Juma Jux manager, Raymond Maziku

Tossing to more life and more successes, Jux stated that despite the current global pandemic whose adverse effects are sure being felt, it was not going to hinder him for giving credit where it´s due.

Asking Ray to check his bank account balance and if he notices anything different, then he should give him a call.

Siku yako imekutana na ramadan na corona ila nadhani unaju ingekuwa vipi ⚡️🌪🌪but all and all angalia BANK ACCOUNT yako baada ya lisaa then nipigie @swaggdaddyyoungray #africanboy

Which he did, emotionally bursting:

Thanks so much my brother @juma_jux Dah 😭
I will switch off all my phones today. I am unavailable.

Raymond Maziku receives KSh 636,225 on his birthday





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