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Huddah defends billionaire Chris Kirubi: He’s not a thief, he got lucky after right investments

March 21, 2018 at 13:32
Huddah defends billionaire Chris Kirubi: He's not a thief, he got lucky after right investments

Billionaire Chris Kirubi’s health has deteriorated in the past few months after he was diagnosed with cancer. A section of Kenyans tied the 77-year-old’s poor health to some of his past history in which he was accused of embezzling government parastatals such as Uchumi, Kenya Airways and also Kenatco.  Many, believed, it was karma.

But not socialite Huddah Monroe.

Chris Kirubi and Kiprono Kitony, chairman of Radio Africa Group.

Chris got lucky

Huddah took to Snapchat to share her view after a photo of Kirubi looking frail went viral. According to her, he was a hardworking man who invested and got lucky. She also said that diseases don’t discriminate and people should avoid side-mouthing ill people.

Chris Kirubi is a great man. Someone we should all emulate as a business man. He bought shares at the right places and got lucky,” she said.

She asked Kenyans to drop the idea that every rich man got there through stealing.

“Most people think that every rich man must’ve stolen. Why don’t y’all steal too? If stealing makes a man wealthy why don’t you change your career and be a thief? Most people operate in sheep mentality, change it and see how far you can go in life,” she added.

Kirubi is behind successful projects like the popular Two Rivers mall, Capital FM among other unknown projects. His health is however a topic that continues to remain in the dark but if indeed he is sick, we wish him a quick recovery.






  1. Whoever expected a prostitute to be impartial and just,well Huddah just proved it wasn’t possible for that to happen.CK wrecked the lives of countless Kenyans through his selfish looting,now since he is your client or maybe you hope he will be your client unabeba watu ufala,go discuss about semen with your fellow hoes,you can’t bend the truth like you bend over ukitombwa na masponsor.CK deserves all that he is undergoing and more for what he mercilessly did to poor Kenyans

  2. I think CK was not an honest a businessman.

    The Uchumi scandal he was involved in is enough proof. We don’t need to be lectured by that woman called Huddah.

  3. She should have read a little. Kirubi is mentioned in the collapse of Uchumi in the Hansard 2006. He doesn’t deserve it but it doesn’t take away that he ruined livelihoods.

  4. Who cares what CK is going through?let him Pay for it. Huddah is just a cheap public sympathy seeker, ww all know she could have benefuted from CK that’s why she is defending a thief shame on her and i repeat. Shame on u Hudday

  5. Pray to God that no one ever addresses your daughter like that. Can’t you just drive your point home without attacking her sexuality???argue or disagree with her intellectually! Insults did not drive your point home. Grow up!!!!

  6. Kenyan media sucks : March 23, 2018 at 2:32 am

    She is very pretty and has a perfect body…too bad her brains aren’t as great…

  7. Uchumi,Uchumi that was one brilliant Supermarket,upto now no one has ever told us what happend and di anyone pay the price for what they did to honest working Kenyans.If this is how someone becomes rich it raises alot of questions.whatever the case we wish him a quick recovery

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