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Huddah slams fake Kenyans mourning American rapper Nipsey Hussle: Your friend’s business is there but you will never post

April 04, 2019 at 07:42
Huddah slams fake Kenyans mourning American rapper Nipsey Hussle: Your friend’s business is there but you will never post

Socialite Huddah Monroe is bitter Kenyans are taking time to mourn American rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot six times on April 1.

According to Huddah, Kenyans are busy mourning the 33 year old rapper but can never post anything about their friends. It has only been two days since Nipsey was killed and the entire hip hop fraternity has been plunged into mourning, with some big names across the world condemning gun violence.

“These African Americans don’t listen to music from Africa. Ninety nine per cent of them don’t even know where Africa is. That’s why I don’t listen to hip hop and trap whatever,” she said.


Huddah slammed Kenyans who focus on riding on the wave on social media without even an idea who the rapper was or why he was killed.

” Your friend’s business is there but you will never post and you are here posting RIP Nipsey. Sing one of his songs and let’s see who actually knows him. Messed up generation,” she wrote.





  1. Ha ha,Huddah you have spoken the truth.And just for the record,stop mourning Nipsey,he isn’t dead,it’s the character Nipsey which is dead,the actual person who was playing the character is alive.Come on,go watch the video of the so called friends who are witnesses to the fake shooting,none of them shed an actual tear.Such dry eyes,such bad crisis actors.Use your common sense and keep in mind that the US has an actual law that allows them to stage fake crisis events and not even admit they are fake to the public in the first place.Don’t waste your time being fans of popular celebs from America,Europe etc.The entertainment industry there is a psyop,it works for the powers that be.Every successful and popular celeb works for them,you can’t be big without being down with them.Excluding one hit wonders or people who went viral once,you have to play their game for continued success

    • Congratulations, you invented a conspiracy theory 🤗

    • MY REAL NAME : April 4, 2019 at 8:02 pm

      @KEMET All that for such a stupid comment…Smh
      What an idiot

    • Peter Wanjohi : April 5, 2019 at 12:03 am

      So Tupac and Biggie Smalls are alive right?

      • I didn’t even hear you produce one counter argument.If Hollywood wasn’t a psyop,black Americans would be the controllers of the industry there,since it’s they who have created the culture in the first place.They had that kind of control before the civil rights movement my Martin Luther King,it’s no coincidence the black American people got poorer after that and their society is decaying as it is because of the drugs trafficked in the community with the C.I.A. itself being the suppliers after smuggling it into their country,hip hop going from positive to the degeneracy of the gangster lifestyle which leads to many black men being dead or in jail leading to single parent households.The boys raised in such homes with no dad repeating the vicious cycle of the gangster lifestyle after being raised by their mothers who buy into the feminism crap.So a community is at war with itself not forgetting to mention how they hold biracial kids in higher regard than black kids.So it’s a very big web,you should get the point by now.

  2. Huddah slams fake Kenyans mourning American rapper Nipsey yet can’t post about a friend’s business  – kenyaconnectt : April 5, 2019 at 7:44 pm

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  3. Ghafla,you should have let the YouTube link I had shared in my last reply to My Real Name.I don’t own that YouTube channel but for the lovers of truth,it would be eye opening.Even to the doubters,it would have planted a seed of curiosity.The world is a stage

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