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I spend Ksh 40,000 a week on cloths- Diamond’s new catch Tanasha Donna 

January 11, 2019 at 07:34
I spend Ksh 40,000 a week on cloths- Diamond's new catch Tanasha Donna 

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has become a trending force ever since she became Diamond Platnumz’ girlfriend.

The NRG Radio presenter has been in numerous topic of discussions since the two announced their love. She even got a promotion at her work place whereby she’s now hosting two shows.

With that said, Tanasha’s life has changed a lot and she recently left many impressed, if not surprised, after announcing that she spends a clean Ksh 40,000 on cloths only in a week.

On social media, the young lady complained that different shopping stores have exposed her spending despite her plea not to.


The beauty said the fact she coughs up around KSh 160,000 per month on clothing, she deserves some privacy.

“Imagine buying clothes from a store and spending over KSh 30,000-KSh 40,000 weekly but you ask them not to post your picture without your permission. You are then told not to buy from them because they have dressed way more celebrities than you,” Tanasha ranted. 

Kenyans didn’t buy her comments, most asking where her cloths are because all they see is her recycling her cloths.





  1. All that money to look like shes wearing undergarments .. Fabric is beautiful the more of it, the more appealing, the more flowy the more decent, even for a socialite and im convinced a woman’s beauty is also in decency

  2. Zari the best woman and you will never come across as mature lady than zari zari mwaaah

  3. Hehe Nakupenda bure!

  4. Be smart my dear.but the fact remains u can’t beat zari in anything and even her quarter way

    • Laini sweetie : January 11, 2019 at 8:02 pm

      I don’t think u are fair, she is not in any competition with any one how can Zari be best when she walked out of her husband leading to his depression and untimely death? Again walking out despite every thing Diamond deed to plead with her to come back. We don’t want him to die from depression too.

      • Who told you Zari walked out on Ivan? Get your facts right

      • Why do you care : January 12, 2019 at 1:58 pm

        Even if Zari walked out on Ivan haven’t you read her reasons as to why she did that? So you expected her to suffer at the hands of an abusive man just so that he wouldn’t die of depression. What misleading advice. Then just because diamond offered a public apology she was supposed to begin trusting him again after all she’d been put through? You can’t be serious.

  5. Bure u look cheap very cheap eti 40k maybe she meant Tanzania currency

  6. What’s that worth 40k?all I see are some funny things in the name of clothes

  7. Pwahahahaaaa

  8. Job promotion?why?because of kukatiwa na Diamond ama?

  9. Wololo isokey

  10. You expect her to wear uniform from turkey?Thats her swag and let her be,washamba nyinyi.mezeni wembe.

  11. If she buys clothes weekly her gallery is full,let us see or you hire them and marketing for them

  12. With me zari ,,,,,,,?????????????????????????????????? was, mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa,2 young man.

  13. Duh….inaonekana uko sawa. Mi ni kazi tu nataka. I can be your personal driver Tanasha. Au kukunyoroshea nguo or carry your handbag dear Tanasha.

  14. Tell them

  15. Who was your ex you want to tell us that your single before you meet that community husband ?/or community player you may call it very I don’t trust diamond

  16. Wah, Dee is now a community husband.

  17. Ex wake ni Nick Mutuma very handsome man

  18. To me that is not true, she Is just trying to gain popularity. I have seen this girl rock a miniso bag which is less than 2k and at some point they were giving them as gifts. shenziiiii

  19. Hizo kamba ndio 40k, ushenzi

  20. Tell zari to inbox mi

  21. Hilpolith Rothschild : January 12, 2019 at 11:09 am

    Petty African fake Celebreties and their fake life styles.
    You do not want the store to expose your privacy but you are exposing it yourself exactly when you are pretending you do not want your privacy getting publicized how Hypocritic and Childish of you my Ex Chick.
    Come back to UK and I will give you store of your own you do not have to buy from them and create a fake topic out of it.
    You are not being yourself dear.

  22. 40k ni kiatu pair moja ya princess tiffah…..

  23. I like tanasha regardless of what

  24. If zari is better than her then why is she with her man,the person who knows who is better than who is the man, let us mind our own

  25. Hey Tanny, just ask bae Chibu to let me drive you that’s all ❤

  26. I salute zari always,

  27. Fake news!!!

  28. haiya hizo unavaa zinakaa za wamama ndio unaspend 40,000 per week..uongo

  29. ZAC PHOTOGRAPHER : January 14, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Tanasha uko nipee kajob atakama ni photographer wako.wacha wenye wivu are the best.ndio Diamond ako na ww

  30. Before u compare Tanasha n Zari look around if ur not dating or married to somebody’s ex

  31. Sometimes it is not beauty,class or being fertile that keep the relationship going.. Little things that Tanasha does to Diamond is wat keeps them happy.. Leave the lady alone!!! If u guys feel that Zari is the best then give her ur drunkard jobless brother amuoe

  32. Bwiiimmm bwobwobwoooo!! let’s to see next charter………

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