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I took my ex for an abortion- Kibe screams  

November 01, 2019 at 09:34
I took my ex for an abortion- Kibe screams  

Controversial radio presenter Andrew Kibe has confessed that he pushed his ex-lover to have an abortion something that has always haunted him since.

Taking on his morning show on Kiss 100, Kibe said that he had dated the lady for 6 years and he took her to a clinic to get the abortion himself.

‘There is a lady I had dated for 6 years. She procured two abortions, I took her to the clinic when she carried out one. Sad as it may seem when I took her there, there were other people who had also gone to do the same. Yet no one is going to talk about things going on on the ground.” he said. 


Kibe went on to add that a lady he knows has already had two abortions.

“She told me she has had two abortions and she is going to get a third one. Pregnancy is higher than before, there is a problem. We should rethink the whole thing. I was a Christian in my faith but not in my doings, now you find our kids are the ones going through such procedures,” he added




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