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Insult Me All You Want But Not My Child- Vera Sidika To Online Haters

December 02, 2021 at 11:43
Insult Me All You Want But Not My Child- Vera Sidika To Online Haters

The birth of baby Asia has not changed the fact that Vera is still receiving insulting messages from haters. The flamboyant and curvy socialite has gone back to shape in less than 2 months after birth; and not everyone is pleased by the tremendous change.

From the beginning of her pregnancy reveal way back in June, there were many surreptitious conspiracies on the legitness of Vera’s pregnancy.

It was a tough couple of months for Vera dealing with all the negative energy.

From her hubby Brown Mauzo being trolled for ‘not being the perfect match’ for her, to fake pregnancy allegations… Most also claimed that Vera needed someone wealthier; but Vera thought otherwise.

She addressed the latter and advised young women not to go for riches but genuine love.

Vera Vs Haters

Anyway, the two lovebirds now have their bundle of joy; whom they can’t stop talking about every now and then; especially Vera, who confesses her undying love for the month old baby.

Her motherly instincts have now compelled her to warn haters against involving her baby in their negative talks.

”They were the first ones to hate on this beautiful pic here. the same haters today r the ones pretending & acting like I have ‘imaginary haters’ na kwanza wamejaa huko Facebook. I’m dealing with them proper!! You can say all u want about me. But don’t u dare insult my child!!! She did nothing wrong to nobody. Ata u don’t even know what she looks like!! She’s only 1 month old & innocent.

Call me all u can, my baby is off limits…”

Despite all the trolls, Vera Sidika is yet to unveil the face of her child to the public.




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