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“It’s full of nudity and obscenity” Ezekiel Mutua vows to ban Sauti Sol’s new song ‘Melanin’

November 22, 2017 at 07:36
"It’s full of nudity and obscenity" Ezekiel Mutua vows to ban Sauti Sol's new song ‘Melanin’

It’s déjà vu moment for Sauti Sol after they dropped ‘Melanin’ featuring Patoranking. Only three years ago the quartet’s video was banned over erotic scenes.

Sauti Sol’s ‘Nishike’ sparked uproar when the video was dropped in April 2014. The song was banned in local TV stations owing to its explicit nature.

No lesson learnt

Sauti Sol dropped ‘Melanin’ on November 20th 2017 and it’s generating the same response as ‘Nishike’. The song is great yes but the video has rubbed some people the wrong way.

‘Melanin’ has already attracted the attention of moral police Ezekiel Mutua. The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO has vowed to ban Sauti Sol’s new song.

It’s absolutely pornography

Ezekiel Mutua termed ‘Melanin’ as offensive by accepted standards of morality and decency. Mutua expresses his deep disappointment with Sauti Sol while speaking to Citizen Digital.

“I have watched the video, the scenes are inappropriate and it’s full of nudity, obscenity and it should be saved for watershed period, Sauti Sol is taking the wrong direction, defying the norms and expectations of the society, they don’t know that they can still be famous without being obscene. The elements that we look at are the frequency, intensity, nudity and obscenity and Sauti sol’s is adult rated,” Ezekiel Mutua said.

Watch ‘Melanin’ in the video below:







  1. Mutua stop being childish bwana

  2. This guy never stops to amaze me

  3. People will watch it on YouTube still no effect

  4. Ezekiel has found something to be relevant again,someone needs to keep him busy

  5. Watershed hours bla bla bla okay ban it then

  6. Let the boys shine man

    • No boys here. These are grown up men behaving kiddish.
      I hear these are university guys BUT the level of content in their songs is wanting.
      Yesu nipende leo kuliko Jana is unbiblical. Jesus’ love is constant n never increases or decreases coz of ones efforts.
      Sauti Sol….hmmmm

  7. Just BAN it full of our children

  8. Samantha naharidibia : November 22, 2017 at 11:51 am

    I totally agree wit yu.,…ban it….

  9. Actually there is alot of creativity employed in this song.If it was white gals wriggling their assets on This video, nobody could bitch about it.we have a problem with black.When the melanin gets so dark,we ban the video.But Nicky Minaj gets away with twerking on our Tvs.Why?

    • Very gud question Dola. Coz de Niki Minajs songs ar never banned anywhere n that’s wy we will remain behind coz we see international people n celebrities as our small God. Be4 banning de song, he should start banning de Niki Minajs nude videos then come 2 our songs

  10. One word OBSCENE!!!

  11. So foreign content is OK to be played while our local content get banned yet they are showcasing related videos,,,who’s going to play our music if we can’t;come on too much regulations in our entertainment industry.Let entertainment be wale wa church waskize Gospel…gimmie some more #sautisol #kenyanmusic #dontlimitart mr#ezekielmutua.

  12. Hip hop from other countries is full of nudity but no body complains.

  13. Let it be burn G.I.G.O.What you feed today’s generation is wat we expect as the results let’s be carefully not to destroy our generation in the name of “Digital”.

  14. This Sauti Sol’s guy with shades has the best voice. I have watched him do the verse over and over

  15. why can’t you just sing without the obscene scenes you are highly talented and your music will still appeal without nudity- IF YOU MAY I BEG.

  16. why ban it? such stuff is aired daily watch sound africa,hip tv channel O Mutua should stop pretending the video is a hit!

  17. Its high time they give their fans good content they are no longer boys their morality is
    questionable if they want fame better thika kcb guys

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  19. Bun it please sir, we need sanity


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