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I’ve Always Wanted To Have A Baby Out Of Love- Vera Sidika Explains Why She’s Excited To Have Brown Mauzo’s Baby

August 02, 2021 at 23:32
I've Always Wanted To Have A Baby Out Of Love- Vera Sidika Explains Why She's Excited To Have Brown Mauzo's Baby

Expectant Vera Sidika continues to show her readiness and excitement to be a first time mum. Vera can’t stop flaunting her huge baby bump to her exuberant fans online. The long wait was finally over after Vera came out to the public to announce she’s pregnant with singer Brown Mauzo’s baby. The two sweethearts are expecting a baby girl in less than 3 months.

Vera’s Perfect Match

Vera’s tumultuous love life was filled with ups and downs over the years; but she wasn’t ready to give up on love. Lucky for her, she didn’t get pregnant for her exes.

Vera had previously disclosed that she’d only have a baby with the person she’ll love and decide to settle with; and Mauzo happens to be the perfect match for her. She couldn’t help to gush over him as they expect a baby girl together.

” It’s unexplainable. A dream come true. I have always wanted to have a baby out of love. With someone I truly deeply love. & God granted me that wish. Can’t be more grateful…”

How I Met Your Mother

Brown Mauzo and Vera met 2 years ago. As Vera discloses, it was just a casual meet up; where they just exchanged greetings..

”We met 2 years ago twice. Very casually lol. Just Hi-Hi. I was in another relationship then. Then last year we met again. In Mombasa. No wig, no make up. In my dera. Busy working my a*s out, reconstructing the SPA in August.”

They both expedited their relationship and took things further in no time. Brown Mauzo introduced Vera to his family and vice versa. We’re now waiting for a sleek wedding between the two.




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