Jaguar reveals what he will do to help Kenyan musicians 

January 15, 2019 at 07:12
Jaguar reveals what he will do to help Kenyan musicians 

Starehe MP Jaguar has vowed to help Kenyan musician get what they want. The musician-cum-politician is seeking government intervention to solve the impasse.

Unless you have been living under the rock, then you know that Kenyan musicians and presenters and DJs have been embroiled in a heated argument. Musicians blame presenters and DJs for playing too much foreign music at the expense of Kenyan songs.

The debate on airplay has seen musicians and presenters even hurl insults at each other. Some people have taken the issue too personal to the extend that they can’t tolerate contrary opinions.

Kenya Music Policy draft Bill


Jaguar has now stepped in to assure musicians that he will ensure they get 60% airplay as stipulated in the Kenya Music Policy draft Bill which he says came to effect in 2015.

“The Kenya Music Policy draft Bill stipulating that radio stations should play 60 per cent local music came into place in 2015 and media houses asked for three years to align with the policy. When I hear artistes asking me to intervene through Parliament, what comes to mind is that the Communications Commission of Kenya should enforce this. This is what I am working towards… ensuring that local artistes are protected,” Jaguar was quoted by MondayBlues.







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