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Juma Jux features in new song titled “Nashukuru” with Timbulo

June 14, 2019 at 15:11
Nashukuru by Timbulo ft Jux


Tanzanian musician Timbulo has teamed up with Jux to bring us a new RnB song dubbed “Nashukuru”.

This is after disappearing from the music scene for the past two years.

He has even worked with Baraka the Prince from Kenya.

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Nashukuru loosely translates to saying thank you.In the song the  Timbulo is talking about love.

Love that he got to learn from his woman who has loved him unconditionally.

He further says that for her he is willing to do anything to keep the love they share. It doesn’t matter happens for as long as she won’t leave.

…Moyo kwa ulimbo ulininasa

Wewe ndo kiti mie jini

Mi kanisa we sadaka oooh

Naomba usinipite

Nikikupa neno na waraka  Ili usiende…..
Sweet huh!!

As I always say this every woman dream.To have a man that can worship the love they share.

Going on,Jux comes in the song with his verse, reminding us to value the people we have. Acknowledging the mistakes that he has done in the relationship.

……Aaah binadamu  Tunasahau tukiwa nacho Tukiwa hatunaa Tunakumbuka…….That should sink in.

The slow nature of the song brings out the emotions clearly, thus the RnB vibe. The lyrics too are easy to relate to.

Flip side

For a comeback song, Timbulo could have done better in terms of lyrical prowess.The lyrics are just the normal love story breakdown.Compared to the ‘Nakumiss” dance love song this is not the best.

Point is, he should have considered outsourcing a good music writer,good example is Jux himself who featured in this song.

Juma Jux is known for big hits in East Africa and this would have been big if he did more than just sing in it.


Production of the song was good.The song was produced by Mocco Genius.Shot and directed by Dr Eddy under Dreamland Productions of Kenya.

The video quality and graphics are very good, that we must appreciate.

For rating we give it 6/10.What say you?Enjoy.


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