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Just like Govi, Machachari’s Baha also unveils his hot girlfriend and she’s bad as they come

April 07, 2017 at 05:39
Just like Govi, Machachari's Baha also unveils his hot girlfriend and she's bad as they come

Just the other day Baha and his click from Machachari were just a bunch of toddlers out to do the right thing and save the day while and it’s just surprising how they in just a blink of an eye metamorphosed into a bunch of teenagers.

Almasi is busy is doing his thing, being bad and smoking weed while Govi has been out and about with his modelling and Mceeing.

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Baha has been the only one away from the limelight up until recently when he finally unveiled his girlfriend to the world, a model like girl who I can bet is bad as they come.

Check her out in these hot photos:











  1. Awesome guyz looking mehn

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