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“I just want to be like Jeff Koinange” Jalang’o praises his cohost in a new post

February 15, 2018 at 14:29
"I just want to be like Jeff Koinange" Jalang'o praises his cohost in a new post

Hot 96’s radio presenter Jalang’o has come out to praise Jeff Koinange in a new post shared on his Instagram story.

Well, early this morning as Jalango was reporting to work he noticed that’s Jeff Koinange had already arrived at work. This left him feeling challenged since Jeff had previously been on air hosting JKL till 12 midnight; and still managed to report to work.

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Jalang’os message to Jeff Koinange

With such determination, Jalang’o says that he is keenly learning a lot from the 52 year old who is quite dedicated to his work.

The two have been working on the show for quite some time now enabling them to become good friends.

Jalango on the other hand is not doing bad for himself as he has managed to top among the most successful people in entertainment industry.





  1. so inspiring

  2. he is indeed a role model

  3. nice one

  4. sweet success

  5. am inspired

  6. big up jalass xo inspiring we love you do xo

  7. Big up guys you are an inspiration to us youths ….and pliz do more to talk to youths about tribalism its affecting us youths alot.

  8. That’s quite hilarious. Jeff is great but even Jalango is a promising icon. Keep It up palls

  9. Being sacked from CNN makes Jeff useless and irrevelant. He was also sacked from KTN, making him a laughing stock. A spoilt Kenyatta Family kid. Bure kabisa

  10. Kudos! Guys, you are wonderful

  11. A lot of negativity not helping

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