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Kamene Goro finally addresses rumors of being intimate with Jalang’o

August 17, 2020 at 11:57
Kamene Goro finally addresses rumors of being intimate with Jalang'o

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Kiss FM presenter Michelle Kamene Goro has finally responded to claims of being intimate with her co-host Felix Odiwuor.

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A few hours ago, a fan asked her whether the two of them had a sexual relationship since they seem to be very close. He might have implied that there is more than meets the eye between the two.

Jalango and Kamene Goro

Kamene had asked her fans one thing that they want to know about her when one of them wrote, “Hi I’m Robinson from Gilgil wewe na Jalas mnabang.”

She, however, did not seem amused with the question and categorically stated that the two of them were not doing the nasty.

“No. and we just finally accept that a man and a woman can work together and just be friends….let me never have to answer this puny question again!” Kamene wrote.

Jalang’o, whose real name is Felix Odiwuor, joined Kiss FM in July following the exit of Andrew Kibe who has also had to answer to claims of having a thing with Kamene.

KISS FM’s Kamene Goro

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