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“Kamene uko nje, uko chini sister!” Fan tells Kamene Goro

May 18, 2020 at 15:20
"Kamene uko nje, uko chini sister!" Fan tells Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro has it all on social media. If it’s not a man lusting over her curves; it’s another one calling her out for putting on extra weight now that gyms across the country have been closed due to Covid-19.

Turns out that one of Kamene Goro’s fans recently noticed that she has been putting on extra weight; and for some reason the fan felt that it’s probably time for the Kiss 100 presenter to cut off some weight.

The fan identified as Tim went on to leave no stone unturned as he told off Kamene Goro for being an ‘overweight.’  The fan left a comment saying;

Kamene uko nje….uko chini sister….fanya workout

kamene Goro

Kamene responds

Being one not to mess with, Kamene Goro decided to inbox the fan just to see where the problem is. From the way Kamene approached this fan, we can confirm that this scared him off to a point of apologizing; yet in the comment section he seemed quite confident.

Although he may have a point about the sudden weight gain; it is not our place to tell the popular radio presenter on how to live her life.

Kamene confronts fan

However truth is Kamene has definitely added a few pounds here and there probably because she is no longer on TV like before.

Well, it could also be from the beer and nyama choma Kibe feeds her when they step out; but no one is complaining about this. However judging from how Kamene is coming (in terms of weight gain); then taking up a gym class at home wouldn’t really hurt to maintain a healthy lifestyle, right?

Kalekye Mumo accused of betrayal

After shedding off some of her unwanted weight, Kalekye Mumo says that the plus size community accused her of betraying them.


However she went on to add that losing weight was a personal decision that she made and has no control over what people think about her now.





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