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Kelechi Africana links up with Kristoff on ‘I Got You’ (Video)

March 11, 2020 at 19:45
Kelechi Africana links up with Kristoff on 'I Got You'

Kelechi Africana, who is arguably one of the most sought-after artists from the Coast at the moment, has released a new jam with Kristoff and it’s getting a lot of love from their fans.

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If you are a fan of both artists – like I am – then the song dubbed I Got You is definitely a good treat for you. You will really love it, perhaps even more than I did. Put simply, it’s the perfect collabo.

Kristoff Rainbow


Kelechi Africana has a unique and amazing and there is nowhere where proves this more than this track. I am quite sure that lasses fall head over heels when they hear his voice. Where was I when God was blessing him though?

As you would expect, Kristoff also aced it. This guy is the undisputed king of hooks. It’s interesting to listen to him as he rhymes. Chances are that your hand will be stuck on the replay button because of his flow.

The two musicians make a song sound heavenly because of their diverse styles. It’s like having the best of two worlds but in a musical context because the lyricism in I Got You is also on point.

Kelechi Africana

I honestly loved the beat on this joint too. It gives you the feeling of hitting the club and having a good time and that is exactly what a good song should do. Don’t you agree? Fleek Made It totally aced it.

Generally speaking this is dope jam. Perhaps it’s even the best record from his forthcoming Extended Play (EP) titled Keep It Fleek. If you are a fan of good music like yours truly, I am sure that you will have a blast.

Listen to I Got You below and tell us what you think.




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