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Kenyan lesbian Manuella Mumbi from Kiambu marries American model Lisa Webb Clay in US (Photos)

February 19, 2018 at 08:31
Kenyan lesbian Manuella Mumbi from Kiambu marries American model Lisa Webb Clay in US (Photos)

Manuella Mumbi popularly known as Manuelle Royale has tied the knot with Lisa Webb Clay in a low key lesbian wedding in America.

Manuella Mumbi was born and raised in Kahawa, Kiambu county. She later on relocated to America to live with her lover before their wedding.

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Manuella Mumbi and Lisa Webb Clay

Lisa Webb Clay is an American model from Texas. The beauty queen decided to invite her lover to US to get married there because same sex marriage is illegal in Kenya.

No witness

Mumbi and Lisa Webb Clay’s wedding was a totally low key affair. No one else attended their wedding apart from the cleric who officiated their union.

See photos of their wedding below:






  1. Kenyan lesbian Manuella Mumbi from Kiambu marries American model Lisa Webb Clay in US (Photos) | FIRSTPRESS : February 19, 2018 at 8:47 am

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    • Not good before the face of the Lord,the Bible condenms.y respect the rules of Law more than God?hey cleric study the Bible well.

    • Weirdness. That don’t look like a model to me and the other one looks like an awkward chubby boy with girly hips. Weird. Unnecessary. You don’t have to bring your childhood scars into the House of God. Trust that He can heal all wounds.

    • It’s in God’s own right to judge but what is not acceptable in the face of the earth isn’t right in the face on God either. My prayer is that my dear sisters will one day wake up from the brainwashing Western culture and embrace nature as created by God the Maker of all things visible and invisible.

      • its very wrong and God will punish them. God was not foolish to create a male and a female.Even animals understand this. These doing that are more foolish than animals. heri hata kuku

    • Kenyans condemning this marriage are the same ones who keep quiet when it is discovered that Priests rape the altar boys. Kenyans are the biggest hypocrites. You’ll all be the first to burn in hell.

  2. Jeeeso.!Demons r real..!

  3. My God. If those r the role models for our growing children. God forbid.

  4. Abomination!!!!..dunia inaisha jameni…

  5. I wonder which bible the so called ” cleric” used during this shameful action nkiest!!!

    • You should not hate them for that.. maybe they have a story about it.. I am a lesion and doesn’t make me more sinner than others…

      • Oh plizzz….

      • Its not a matter of more a sinner but y must it be you? You can be better that who u think you are.

      • Because you’re stupid

      • ukweli wa mambo : February 22, 2018 at 5:58 am

        Satan is the author of all confusion. God creates a man, he confuses him into thinking he is a woman. The same goes for a woman. It’s so simple, you either pee on Satan first or he pees on you. You don’t let him fuck our brains out making you think you are something (gender) that you are not. The people you are seeing here are under a strong satanic spell that makes it more pleasurable for them to be an amorous congress with members of same gender than the other way round.
        The thing is, if you are a straight person and you mess with the narrative this community(gay) is trying to sell;rest assured you will be in a great mess. It will only be a matter of time before you begin experiencing some unusual attraction to members of your gender. Satan is really doing this to people in a spiritual sense, but people don’t understand. It all starts happening in your dreams before the delusion starts getting stronger. Eventually, you end up doing stupid things. Satan is at work here. He is more real than you can imagine. Gays reproduce by recruiting so they will be everywhere you look, cartoons, churches, buses, movies, toilets etc until you become one.
        The devils mission is very simple. Prevent you at whatever cost from going into heaven. Please folks, do not give him a chance!
        Pussies believe what satan tells them, that there is no God. Okay then, go get fucked by satan up in the mind and see what kind of animal you will have become!

        • gentricebahati : July 4, 2018 at 11:51 am

          true that is satanic God had a purpose for creating a man and a woman

        • About 5% of people are gay and it’s been like that throughout history. God or nature made them like that. Whether its legal like in SA or illegal like in Kenya, there will be no more or not less gays. Only difference is in one country they hide and in the other they are free. You cannot ‘recruit’ someone who is straight to become gay… and vice versa. You can simply sensitize them to be tolerant.

      • It doesnt make you more than a sinner but a sinner defiling her own body which is the temple of the most High God,which makes more than a sinner indeed.

  6. This is end times different things will happen but if You know God just keep off those evil things.

    • Come on! Get a life and get over it. They are just two ladies living their life as they choose. Again, get a life and live it! (Live your own life! Stop living other peoples lives!)

    • Ukweli wa mambo : February 22, 2018 at 6:28 am

      I discovered gays and all that is form of devil worship of the highest order. Satanists invert everything upside down. Crosses are turned upside down, prayers reversed, natural order of things reversed, and so on and so forth. What these people don’t realize is that they are propagating Satan’s agenda by accepting lies which are from Satan anyways.
      They then try to be a little sneakier. By carefully selecting members from influential tribes, athletes, business men, politicians, even countries like US, they expect the rest of the sheep to trotter along with little resistance into their slaughter.
      Satan is using this trick on so many unsuspecting young people. People need to be told that the conflicting thoughts they start experiencing at some stage in their lives is not really their own.
      These thoughts come from demons and can easily persuade you that you were not really born a man or a woman and that a mistake must have been made somewhere. The devil then goes ahead to verify this claim by creating a strong delusion, stronger than that experienced by people on crack and the next thing you find yourself longing to be with a member of a similar sex.
      Satan has nothing good to offer except take what God has already created and twist it to his advantage. Jesus exemplified how we ought to lead a life of constant prayers and self denial in order to avoid such deadly trappings of the devil.
      While you are there hoping your 200 years old science is infallible in refuting the existence of spiritual beings who are very active in day to day activities of this world, the devil is busy rewarding sinners with huge chunks of fortunes in order to propagate the lie of lgbt aka gay people. It’s all an illusion meant to turn humanity away from God and incur his wrath.
      As it happened on the day of sodom and gommorah so will it happen here. Deadly venereal diseases that a 200 years old science has no cure. It will keep becoming worse unless God fearing people reject the lgbt myth in all its subtleties. Satan is subtle, meaning he will never let you perceive his whereabouts and his guile so easily.
      He did this in heaven and it took time to discover him.By then, he had misled so many angels. He was thrown down to earth and it is said woe is unto the inhabitants for they know not what they are up against. For then, they would shun love for money and preach true gospel and redeem such souls that are led into hell.
      They say hell is not real. A hundred years isn’t too long to wait before your physical body through natural attrition loses its ability to exist any longer and you find yourself in a different body you did not think you had. Here dear fool is when you realize your conscience was afraid of something beyond the material.
      The same spirits that deluded you will escort you to your final destination and there will be no one to help.
      God has given some of us the ability to see and beware of such spirits when we are in the material body and our warning is true.
      Do not give heed to doctrines of devils and seducing spirits. Trust in one God alone and his Christ and it will all be well on the last day and pray for those already trapped if possible that God may save them before they cross over the other dimension.
      Satan has convinced some that the other dimension is a kids fairy story. some know it’s real but they don’t care.God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ati cleric!!Jesooos

  8. Shaitani

  9. lemmi just ask,how do they do it?niambiebieni jameni

  10. Zipporah Gakunyi : February 19, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    This is abomination in its true colours.

  11. Hillary Alloice : February 19, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    It’s indeed true that same sex marriage is the repossession of a demon that works in contrary to the law of God. What kind of clerics officiating such weddings if they themselves are not the same reverse minded? The creation was made Adam and Eve but the cunning serpent deceive many by telling them “did God really say that?” “Why if you try loving yourself-person to see the difference?” It’s in conclusion that Gomorrah was there and will and will be there until God brings his rage against it.

    • I like the way you are explaining. .. but please don’t judge them … I am a lesbian not by choice but coz of what i went through when i was young.. otherwise that is not the only sin .. If you cheat on your lover… its a sin too…

      • That’s no good reason to justify yourself. Its like saying you r still down coz someone pushed you n u remain in that position coz many r still in the same position. No, stand up n dust yourself. Isn’t God able to help you? Just coz u think its not the only sin doesn’t mean u won’t go to hell. Read the Bible, homosexuals will not c the kingdom of God 1 Cor. 6:9. The devil has deceived you.

        • Tell that cunt

        • Njoki… I sympathize with you… You like a very nice person.. Just remember that not everyone believes in the bible. And you should respect their beliefs too if you want them respect yours.

        • What makes you think just because your not homosexual you will go to heaven. What happened to obeying the commandments including the final one Jesus left “love your neighbor as yourself” before you start preaching understand what the hell you are actually saying homophobes. Also the worst sin you can ever commit I’d turning yourself away from God and the Holy Trinity. Also he made us in his image so homosexual people are still people of God even if you don’t like it.

      • Is it OK to be a murderer coz of what happened while growing up?everyone has a story to tell..we are responsible for our later actions..burn dem chichi man!!

      • Ok it’s not by choice then but know you have a choice my sister let God heal your past and you become a new person.

      • The bible says this.For this cause, God abandoned them to disgraceful passions; for even their women changed the natural use of sex into that which is contrary to nature . . .” (Romans 1:26)The behavior of lesbians, and others who indulge in unlawful relationships, is never portrayed positively in Scripture (see Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1Timothy 1:9 – 10, Jude 7, etc.)
        My dea clear and to the point. let the word of God be the judge. God gave us free will…choose death or life and be blessed

        • Tim Tito Keylu : February 20, 2018 at 1:46 pm

          Nice comment Elizabeth. Bible is the word of God and what the word says about something,that’s what God is saying. He magnifies His word above his name.

      • What you went through lies in your past. You still have that opportunity to change from that…. Yes we have different stories but let us not make them as excuses for commuting sins and mistakes…… Find a man

      • Hey not too late to change and do the right should not change you from doing the will of God gal..

      • So you want to tell that you are a lesbian by force?

  12. This totally madness, or else what is it? What kind of civilization is it?

  13. This speaks volumes about christianity.

  14. God damn it dont bring our religion into this i have lesbianism is lesbianism stop potraying your stupidity here nkt

  15. Paul Mutuku kisavi : February 19, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    Funny world. What do the two share?

  16. I love it.. you are adorable. . My dream wedding but unfortunately it’s not allowed here????

    • Really you!!!!!!!!are you okey pleas u need Bible study and see a psychiatrist my friend

      • Wangeci…. When you insult somebody just because the don’t share your beliefs brings out who you really.. Not the so called christian.. But just another hate monger. … Respect is mutual. Some like me don’t care about your bible, but I would respect you if you stuck to your beliefs and stop looking down on other who don’t see the world the way you see it! #morepowertomanuellaandlikesofqueenny

        • Very stupid you are really possessed may God Have Mercy on you hata ukapikiwa biblia ukapewa soup ukanywa bado utasumbua.

        • My brother Justme, I like your humble approach to Njoki and Wangecci’s comments but remember that from what they believe in they have a mission to accomplish. God has given them a mission of not just respecting and keeping quiet but rather respecting and announcing this truth in Rom 1:26, 1 cor 6:9 among others for people to make informed decision out of their free will (the Bible is their source of reference). Could you please help them by giving them the source of reference in what you believe in?

    • What Did you went through? Chocha tu.

    • So how does a woman fuck another woman?Queenny pliz answer.This is just ungodly.

  17. Agents of the devil……mtachomeka milele kwa shetani

  18. Hio ni daimono….

  19. All this is the work of humans leave God, and devil alone. We are answerable to our actions. Sinning is doing what u know and believe is wrong.

  20. katuaibisha dunia nzima Huyo kidagla, nchini hatutambui hizo

  21. Queenny! You need to be deported!!

  22. Satan is real…. God remember your children

  23. Genevieve Wanyama : February 20, 2018 at 7:17 am

    Our God our redeemer, forgive us Lord. Satan is a looser, he was & is defeated in Jesus Mighty Name. The current madness in the world must end!

  24. Wot hell plz how can dat happen lesbians shld even deported to USA where such stupid practices r done

  25. Nonsense

  26. Shut up every one!! Kila Mtu afunge panda yake Mahali anataka. Queenie ?

  27. The greatest challenge is being your self in the world that’s trying to make you like them… People tend to judge people as if they are not human as them.. Let God judge them if they decide to walk that path that’s them…if they are happy they are happy… This generation is messed up but we are humans we can’t make it a better place its not simple as people say and think congrats to them like any other couples…✌?

  28. Lesbians are soo hot,Romantic and sexy in bed. Try find 1 utajua hujui. I like them.

  29. She is not the Kenyan lesbian Manuela Mumbi, just Manuela Mumbi, don’t blame her for her difference in sexuality, blame the world she was born into that made her different.

  30. What do they actually do?

  31. WHAT??? can’t believe this how??? THIS IS SHAITAN

  32. WTF haters gon hate YOLO
    Go girls


  33. When I hear this I cry……God forgive them because they do not know what they are doing….SODOM AND GOMORRAH is on Earth! Let’s repent with sack clothes.Which Bible do you read???? HOMOSEXUALITY IS SIN..oooooo Kenya we have mocked Jesus Christ.LETS REPENT AND PREPARE THE WAY THE MESSIAH IS COMING FOR THE HOLY CHUCH….LESBIANS WILL BY NO MEANS ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD..NEVER.SHALOM

  34. Things like this makes me believe there is hell for sure.

  35. Okumu kochiewo : February 20, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    I pity the kind of life people celebrate,we live in a perforated society where many people tend to defend their weird beliefs and the theory of my life, my choice……

  36. Am not supporting the ones who are for it,infact its a demon that was almost catching up with me in high school bt i resisted it n prayed to God to help me not to fall victim.I thank God am now very straight n married to my opposite.All i can say is dont b too harsh bt prayer for those who seem lost.Ur prayers might jst save them from burning in hell n ul b blessed for that.

  37. Sebastian Otieno : February 20, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Very interesting discussions i am doing a term paper on gay/lesbianism is it allowed in the Bible? A good research thanks for your responces am reading them.

  38. Bernard Muchiri : February 20, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    We all know the consequences of sin. Lets pray for this unnatural couple to see the light of Christ. Do not condemn them. Non of us is righteous, not one. Let everybody knows one day they will face a righteous judge. And every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess He is Lord. It is only through Christ we can be transformed, but not through man’s condemnation.

  39. this mama must be a rapest,,,ju this boy is under 18

  40. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  41. God plz forgive us.

  42. God plz forgive us.

    • Its not too late to turn to God’s light,it begins by knowing that God loves you as you are,while we were still sinners God loved us,He says ,let us reason together, though your sins be as red as crimson He will make them as white as snow. Second step is realization that you need God for everything,including healing your past wounds and your daily needs,this is .the point you will ask God to help you and He will supply you with His Spirit and only then will you know why Lesbianism is a sin and why you need to break free,you will feel guilty for that and you will sincerely confess each and every sin you have done,from there it will be your duty to do as the word of God commands,If you ask for forgiveness and believe you are forgiven,then You are truly forgiven,God loves you,and is calling you to his side,You are not condemned siz and Heavens waiting to celebrate your returning,

  43. You can’t seriously be telling people that…

  44. Like you can’t be telling people that you know they will be burning in hell..

  45. Am happy for Mumbi. I think everyone is entitled to their happiness as long as it does not infringe on others rights. And the rest of you self righteous people should keep quiet and stop hating. Look for your own society approved happiness.

  46. How comes when a grown ass man rape a boys or little girls no one says shit or bring bible verses and condemn the rapist. We see people killing thief on the streets, we say he deserves it but we quickly forget thou shall not kill. We are all hypocrites and judgmental when it’s convenient. We should all worry about ourself and how God sees you as individuals. God forgive my soul and help me to right in your eye. Mumbi do your thing.

  47. Madem wameoza siku hizi

  48. I think that you should all just shut up and live our lives how we think is right. Some smart people have said it’s not your duty to judge people… Leave that to God. If you have an issue judge the hell out of yourself. So unless you’re going to collect the fire wood and light the fire y’all should shut your traps ?

  49. Nilijua tu ni kikuyu flani tabia zenu tunazijua

  50. congratulations……dont judge ,,,,

  51. gentricebahati : July 4, 2018 at 11:53 am

    true that is satanic God had a purpose for creating a man and a woman

    • True. There are some people here consoling themselves that same sex is not a sin. Read SODOM AND GOMORRAH. It made GOD angry and he punished with fire.

  52. The Dynasty : July 10, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    “No one else attended their wedding apart from the cleric who officiated their union”. SO WHO TOOK THE PICTURES??

  53. Kila nyani na starehe zake

  54. USA A country once was so God loving now they are changing lives everywhere but is it for the betterment
    Train a child in a way he should go and he will not depart from it.

  55. And then you will hear, Oooh, we want to adopt a child…
    And then teach another persons child immorality all in the name of diversity…

  56. It had to be a kikuyu. What a fucked up tribe

  57. I do not need someone to tell me this act is horrible Biblically or Quranically . I can’t insert my manhood into a shit hole because our Creator has designed a place where manhood goes not anus. The Satan and those who are cursed are trying everything possible to justify that behaviour as normal but let me tell you this, it is abnormal and cursed act. vagina and penis were designed by God for a purpose so be reasonable when you are talk of these nonsense call Gay or Lesbian.

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