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“King Kaka should be arrested!” Says Huddah

December 18, 2019 at 09:01
“King Kaka should be arrested!” Says Huddah

Just a few hours after the DCI denied having called King Kaka to report to their offices; word making rounds on social media is that King Kaka’s creative team might gone a-bit too far – in the name of getting enough publicity for the Wajinga ni nyinyi hit song

Well according to one Huddah, King Kaka should be arrested for claiming he was attacked and his car shot at 11 times by assassins who had been sent to finish him.

Huddah says that the singer should have already been able to provide evidence showing his damaged car – and also allowing the police to investigate before pointing fingers.

Through her Instagram page Huddah wrote;


Fans disappointed?

Apart from Huddah, seems like everyone else out here is busy supporting King Kaka for the bold move.


Wajinga nyinyi has left kenyans appreciating the fact that someone finally faced the corrupt system in the country without any fear – and for the first time Kenyans understand the meaning of choosing wise leaders.

Anyway, the DCI continues to deny having summoned the singer and you can check out their post below.

King Kaka




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